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June Updates

June 4th 2009:New TF STATS added:Now you can see a quick overview of your current TF eCurrency activity easily, simply click the button located in the upper segment of your USP DataCenter. You can go back to your normal USP stats by clicking the button. Simply hold your mouse over each statistic to see the Hot Tip explanations.June 6th 2009:Become a TF PartnerYou can become a TF Partner TODAY by UPGRADING to a Lifetime USP Membership.As an official UBIEE SEO PRO TF Partner, you have the ability…

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May Updates

May 1st 2009:TF Peace eCurrency TRADING FLOORWe are proud to announce that we have added one more STREAM OF INCOME that allows you to earn BIG PROFITS with UBIEE SEO PRO!Now you can easily turn your TF Peace eCurrency into EURO thanks to our latest implementation: The TF Peace eCurrency Trading Floor!You will find this new tool in your 'My Account' Menu, and also on your TF Transactions Manager!Using the Trading Floor is easy (requires that you have a minimum 10 TF to offer).Our USP System…

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April Updates

April 2nd 2009:New Home Page Navigation ButtonsBy now you have already seen our newly designed DataCenter HOME Page, with easy to use navigation buttons. We are excited to present the POWERFUL array of tools that are available to you in a new and easy to understand format as part of our ongoing work to further simplify and streamline the USP System. You will see the HOME icon in the top left corner of every USP DataCenter Page, allowing you to easily return to your Navigation Home page with…

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USP MAR Updates

ATTENTION: UBIEE SEO PRO OFFICIAL LAUNCH UPDATES!We are proud to announce that we have reached our OFFICIAL LAUNCH date of March 1st with plenty of NEW ADVANCEMENTS and opportunities to share with our UBIEE SEO PRO Community! First of all, CONGRATULATIONS to all USP promoters, We currently at this date have achieved 500 PAID USP CUSTOMERS! I am proud of the accomplishments that we have made over the last 4 months. We have built the UBIEE SEO PRO Platform based on the feedback and VOTING from…

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