June Updates

June 4th 2009:New TF STATS added:Now you can see a quick overview of your current TF eCurrency activity easily, simply click the button located in the upper segment of your USP DataCenter. You can go back to your normal USP stats by clicking the button. Simply hold your mouse over each statistic to see the Hot Tip explanations.

June 6th 2009:Become a TF PartnerYou can become a TF Partner TODAY by UPGRADING to a Lifetime USP Membership.As an official UBIEE SEO PRO TF Partner, you have the ability to use and promote TF Peace eCurrency on your own website.When upgrading to a Lifetime USP Membership you automatically advance to be an official UBIEE SEO PRO TF Partner.Your 197 EUR upgrade enables you to receive 320 TF's to get started, to be able to use those TF's to sell them on within your Exclusive TF Trading Board.As an official UBIEE SEO PRO TF Partner your Customers will ONLY see your TF offers and can only order their requested services through your official UBIEE SEO PRO TF Benefactor Trading Floor, a

will be added to your DatenCenter . Note: If you have no TF in the Trading Floor your customer will see the default TF Trading FloorYou can even place your own UBIEE SEO PRO TF-Benefactor signup form on your own website. As your own new members join as a TF-Benefactor signup form on your own website, they will see a simplified version of the normal UBIEE SEO PRO DataCenter which allows them to have access only to the TF Features and information.As a TF Partner, your customers will make payments for TF Purchases DIRECTLY TO YOUR PAYPAL / ALERTPAY account.June 8th 2009:updates to the Overview of your CustomersWe have made some more additional updates to the Overview of your Customers Section within the DataCenter.More improvements for easier navigation and sorting is being on its way.Many have already lots of Customers/Aspirants and now also with the Implementation of TF-Benefactor the demand for a clearer separation for who is who is only one of the improvements we are implementing.Stay tuned and check your datacenter often.See some examples below:

June 13th 2009:Contact Buttons Added.Now its simple to get in touch with your Sponsor and your USP Customers/Aspirants, simply click on the CONTACT buttons located in your Customers Panel, or contact your sponsor by clicking the CONTACT button located at the very top of your USP DataCenter next to your sponsors name.Our system will send the message for you automatically, and include your current email, Skye and instant messenger details to make it easy to get back in touch with you.June 15th 2009:See Whos OnlineNow you can find out who is currently online in the UBIEE SEO PRO DataCenter, simply click the Who's Online Link located at the top right of the USP DataCenter.You can also see the Total Online Now stats showing in your System Totals Stats above.June 17th 2009:Skype Buttons AddedWe have implemented Skype Chat and Call buttons throughout the DataCenter now which allow your customers to easily contact you, and you to contact them.Communication is a key factor if you want to run a long lasting business operation, which is why we have been adding more communication features.Skype buttons and info can now be seen when the CONTACT buttons in the CUSTOMERS Panel, or the Contact Sponsor buttons are clicked. If you have Skype, please make sure you have entered your Skype id in the 'My Profile' Section, this is required for the Skype Buttons to be visible.Contact me any time for further support.FionnualaSkype fionnuala19

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