April Updates

April 2nd 2009:New Home Page Navigation ButtonsBy now you have already seen our newly designed DataCenter HOME Page, with easy to use navigation buttons. We are excited to present the POWERFUL array of tools that are available to you in a new and easy to understand format as part of our ongoing work to further simplify and streamline the USP System. You will see the HOME icon in the top left corner of every USP DataCenter Page, allowing you to easily return to your Navigation Home page with just one click!April 4th 2009:TF Peace eCurrency Credit Enhancement NotificationsKeep your eyes on your e-mail box for your credit enhancement notifications. Each time one of your FREE MEMBERS or CUSTOMERS upgrades their membership, you will receive a credit enhancement notification e-mail containing the details of your TF incentive payout. You can click the incentives button on your navigation homepage anytime to return to the incentives page.Review your TF Transactions Manager to see your History.New Incentive TF Payments will show in your TF Transactions History as From: Bank of UBIEEWe have chosen the term Credit Enhancement because the only way that NEW TF Peace eCurrency can be added to the system, is through direct member UPGRADES.For Example, you receive 10 TF when one of your FREE MEMBERS upgrades to the Monthly Membership for 2 EUR (paid to UBIEE HQ). 1 TF = 1 EUR and can be used in place of EUR to purchase URL submissions and UBIEE SUPERsplash Pages!April 10th 2009:TF Transactions Manager EnhancementsNew additions have now been added to your TF Transactions Manager page, providing a more clear overview of your activity and history.Now you will see a new box above the transactions table, showing your TF Peace eCurrency totals, this includes TF that you have sent and received.You can hold your mouse over each total box to view detailed descriptions.In addition, we have now added transaction Notes to each record on your TF transactions table, simply hold your mouse over each record to see the detailed notes.These notes include URL details, transaction notes entered when your friends send you TF, along with any notes you have submitted yourself.You can use TF Peace eCurrency to stimulate activity, get to know your customers, offer promotions, purchase URL submissions, and even to get your own UBIEE SUPERsplash page!Take advantage of our TF Peace eCurrency system to help get your business going, remember, earning TF is only available for a limited time for each USP customer.April 20th 2009:Maximize your EARNING POTENTIAL!We currently have 3 payment options available for adding URLs, they are1) Pay with PayPal or AlertPay2) Pay with TF Peace eCurrencyor3) Pay with PROMO CODE. We have made an improvement to the ADD URL Process that will help to maximize your earning potential as a Verifier/Sponsor:You will now see that the PROMO CODE payment option is 'grey' and not available as a payment option for USP Domains that have a VdV price above 3 EURO Per Month.This means that you always receive payment in real EURO or TF Peace eCurrency which you can use for additional services and benefits, when your customers add their URL to our high traffic domains.April 26th 2009:Social BookmarkingWe have made a new update you will now see visible on all USP rotator domains, located in the top navigation bar that people see as they navigate through the different URLs located in each domain.As you may be aware, social communities and blogs are very popular on the Internet, many social communities such as Facebook, Digg, Yahoo, and even Google offer a feature called social bookmarking.On many pages you may see icons which allow you to click and easily post pages to your accounts on social communities, this is an important tool to have available on all of your webpages because it allows you to instantly share your pages with everyone in your favorite social communities.You can try this out for yourself, if you click on your View/Edit URLs button, located on your main home page in the USP data center, you will see that for each URL you have in system, there is a special link called 'My SEO Page', this takes you directly to your URL as it is shown to the public. Once you are there simply click on one of the social bookmarking icons, to instantly post your URL to a social community that you belong to.This also allows others who like your page, to share your page in their own accounts on various social communities.The effect of adding this new tool, will help to increase return visitors to your pages and also help to increase the overall Visitor driven Value pricing of our domains.April 27th 2009:2 EURO Monthly Option no longer offeredFrom today (Monday 27th of April 2009) on, the Monthly payment option of 2 EUR to become a UBIEE SEO PRO Customer, will no longer be available.The only available payment options available are as follows below:1 Year UBIEE SEO PRO Customer Membership 21 EUR2 Years UBIEE SEO PRO Customer Membership 35 EURLifetime UBIEE SEO PRO Customer Membership 197 EURWe have seen that many people have been shown less or no interest in using the UBIEE SEO PRO, even after paying the 2 EUR a month for the UBIEE SEO PRO Service.That showed us that they have not seen the value and have not been getting the right understanding from their Sponsors, what the UBIEE SEO PRO - DO IT YOURSELF SEO BRANDING is and what it can do for their businesses.We truly believe that this has to do with offering a non expensive program.But no worries we will not make it more expensive we will just eliminate the option to pay monthly to be a customer.Now what does that mean for you as Sponsor/Seller/Verifier?You will be getting much more value to your own business since you have the option to base your success on your customers satisfaction, and here a great option to do so.For every new customer that joins as UBIEE Customer with a Subscription you will earn a great amount of TF's sent to your own Sponsor account.1 Year UBIEE SEO PRO Customer Membership 21 EUR = You get 50 TFs2 Years UBIEE SEO PRO Customer Membership 35 EUR = You get 100 TFsLifetime UBIEE SEO PRO Customer Membership 197 EUR = You get 640 TFsNow we would recommend* to you to send your New Customers the following kickback to their accounts to be able to take immediate advantage of your UBIEE SEO PRO SERVICE as follows:1 Year UBIEE SEO PRO Customer Membership 21 EUR = You get 50 TFs SEND 25 TF's to your Customer2 Years UBIEE SEO PRO Customer Membership 35 EUR = You get 100 TFs SEND 50 TF's to your CustomerLifetime UBIEE SEO PRO Customer Membership 197 EUR = You get 640 TFs SEND 320 TF's to your CustomerNote: recommend* means that you do not need to do that and that this is like an orientation from UBIEE to allow your customers to get a greater value than they have paid to start promoting their services and URL's.Contact me any time for more explanation.FionnualaSkype fionnuala19

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