May Updates

May 1st 2009:TF Peace eCurrency TRADING FLOORWe are proud to announce that we have added one more STREAM OF INCOME that allows you to earn BIG PROFITS with UBIEE SEO PRO!Now you can easily turn your TF Peace eCurrency into EURO thanks to our latest implementation: The TF Peace eCurrency Trading Floor!You will find this new tool in your 'My Account' Menu, and also on your TF Transactions Manager!Using the Trading Floor is easy (requires that you have a minimum 10 TF to offer).Our USP System recognizes 1 TF as equal to 1 EUR, you can use the TF Trading Floor to Place your TFs up for sale at a discount, allowing any USP member to purchase your TF Offers making a DIRECT PAYMENT to your PayPal or AlertPay account.When You Place your TF Peace eCurrency on the Trading Floor, the amount that you select will be removed from your available TF Spending Balance until it is either purchased or you choose to withdraw your offer and return the TF Funds to your balance available for spending.May 10th 2009:USsP Pay with TF Option AddedNow you can use your TF Peace eCurrency to purchase your own UBIEE SUPERsplash Page, securing your USsP Page today allows you to earn Direct Payments of 64% DIRECTLY TO YOUR PayPal / AlertPay or TF account when your Customers purchase their own USsP Pages.May 15th 2009:TF Credit enhancement Programs!

Updated TF Credit enhancement support.Constant Incentives for the UBIEE SEO PRO Promotions!Promotional Specials for Active CUSTOMERS1 TF* = 1 EUR1 Paid & Active Customers = 5 TF's free - Yearly UBIEE Subscription (ABO)1 Paid & Active Customers = 10 TF's free - 2 Years UBIEE Subscription (ABO)1 Paid & Active Customers = 640 TF's free- Lifetime UBIEE Subscription (ABO)1 TF* = 1 TF = 1 EUR. It can only be used inside UBIEE SEO PRO or authorised Companies.It is NO Legal Currency.Only named as our Internal Credit Enhencement option for supporting the World Peace Solution as a Virtual eCurrency.May 15th 2009:LINK UP Your UBIEE Programs!Weather your a UBIEE Expert or you are new to our other UBIEE Programs, now is time to SIGN UP and Link your other UBIEE Programs to your UBIEE SEO PRO Datacenter.We will be adding JOIN NOW Opportunity buttons to our Promotional Pages, allowing ANYONE to INSTANTLY join any UBIEE Program you belong to.Simply click on My Profile and enter your UBIEE Tags for UBIEE PowerPill, Pay-it-Forward Buyers Club, Email 2 and The UBIEE ENVIRO-Project.If you have not yet joined our opportunities, simply click on the Join Now buttons on your My Profile Page to get started!May 17th 2009:DATA CENTER Navigational DEMO VIEWER for Public View!FIRSTTIME Action: We have implemented the Public DEMO Viewer for all your 820 Domains with your personalised information.We want to show you with the Public DEMO Viewer the Power of how easy it is to create a SEOptimised Presentation using the UBIEE SEO PRO tools.Please stay tuned and watch it expand.

May 19th 2009:DATA CENTER TF Special HELP ICON included!

Welcome to the TFTrading Floor! TF- The Futuro, is our own Internal Credit enhancement system which allows you to take advantage of USP Services like the UBIEE SUPERsplash Pages, and USP URL Submissions into some of the hottest domains available. This exciting tool provides you with a COMPLETE PLATFORM for Purchasing TF Credit Enhancements and offer your accumulated TF to others who may be looking for a great way to get started with their promotions at a nice discount, and earn DIRECT PAYMENTS to your AlertPay / PayPal Account for the offers you create Fionnuala.Check the

if you need further information.May 21st 2009:Discover 'What was spoken about in the 211/61st UBIEE Leaders ENVIRO Congress'We are proud to announce our newest addition to enable you a better understanding with the UBIEE SEO PRO Platform and what the Leader do every Wednesday!Hear about the UBIEE ELITE TEAM, the TF Peace currency and the available Payment Option to ADD a URL, allowing you to Pay with and Receive TF from your Friends and CUSTOMERS!Hear a little more about what we do in our Leaders meetings.Lets go over a few more features and changes and how we are already in place for more action.May 27th 2009:Discover 'AUDIO - 212/62 UBIEE Leaders ENVIRO CongressCheck out your back office today!May 31st 2009:'AUDIO - VIDEO USP-German-Video-Audio-Home-Panel-ExplicationFor our German Customers and Aspirants, we have added a German-Video-Audio-Home-Panel-Explication for UBIEE SEO PRO. For those interested please click on the Small Image.Contact me any time for further support.FionnualaSkype fionnuala19

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