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    This is not an advertisement please read...

    I am actually looking for at least one person that might want to communicate with me about being a business partner.

    I have ideas and long term goals... tons of software... but not always enough time to do everything I want to do or I just would like to have the input of another person who has the same general type of interest in online marketing.

    I live in a small town and I've asked around to see if anyone is into online marketing or has an expertise of any type... and with no luck. Half of my town is still just selling on Facebook buy, sell and trade and that is all the further they want to go with anything online.

    There's nothing wrong with that of course... but my goals are completely different. So I'm hoping to meet some people this way.

    If you'd like to talk to me and share some ideas with me and vise versa... just message me on facebook... we can sort of interview each other (informally of course)!


    My interests and some of what I want to share are Membership sites (I can build them I already paid for the software for life)... Wordpress sites - I can also provide those - Another thing is Chatbots... yep can share that with you too... I have several styles I can build or can give a few people sub-licenses and we can both build them and sell them to businesses as a joint venture ore one of us can build the other look for clients...(just ideas).... And of course we can include hosting since I own unlimited Wordpress sites... we could sell websites with chatbots... I have so many ideas but just would like either a partner or a good team.

    I'm leary of going on fiverr or upwork etc... because there is just too many people that present themselves like they are something they are not - and I'd rather just find people that I know are real - If you don't know how to do anything I've mentioned - and you are teachable - I can train you or I have training videos with my agency licenses that you can watch also. Even just having someone around to brainstorm with would be nice! :)

    These are things I want to work with someone else on... two is better than one... even 3 or 4... I have other marketing goals also - those are just a few.

    Regardless - even if you're not sure - we can at least discuss it.

    I'm Not asking anyone for money... just looking for a small team or partnership to possibly enhance each others online marketing world. :)

    Thank you for reading,

    Kelly Woodcox


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