My goal for this site is to be a resource to social media marketing strategies, tools, tips, and news for the social media marketers of today and tomorrow.

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Thank you for visiting our social networking site. Social Media Lady is the member site for Crazy Dreamers Do.

Social Media is the venue I choose to build my business. I invite you along on this path to dreams come true. Expect lots of hard work and long hours! Dreams don't happen overnight, but they do happen. My strategy for this site is to be a resource to social media marketing strategies, tools, tips, and news for the social media marketers of today and tomorrow.

If you have joined us believing that this is an "easy market" and "big promotion" site for you or your products, use caution before proceeding my friend.

The Social Media Lady experience doesn't exist for that purpose. We want to know your value, opinions, experience and inspiration. We are here to think outside the box and come up with new, even better strategic ideas for social media marketing.

It is true that this site intends to explore social media strategies for the purpose of enlightening and prospering our lives. However, know that this is a "We" site, not a "Me" site.

Mass marketers be careful. If you arrive here only for the purpose of entering links and ads, you will be marginalized.

Do not think of Social Media Lady as a place to promote yourself. Think of Social Media Lady as a place to help others think outside the box about who they are and what they offer the world of social media strategies, tools and tips. You'll get the same in return.

Current Rules for Social Media Lady Membership:

  1. You must use your real name. If you use a pseudonym as a business trademark, you must reveal your real name somewhere on your profile.
  2. You must include a picture of your face. (Members with trademark business avatars must include their real picture somewhere on their profile).

Note Social Media Lady's Mission and Guidelines below.


  • To provide social media strategies, tools, tips, and news that will assist members in their own marketing efforts in the fabulous world of social media marketing strategies.
  • To provide a venue for discussing, devising and inventing solutions for social media strategies.
  • To provide a high quality networking platform for members to make contacts.

What members may do (at this time):

  1. Use the forum to provide useful information and enter into discussions about the subject of social media strategies.
  2. Use this site to glean information about social media strategies and services offered on this site.
  3. Make contacts with like minded members.
  4. Share information about this site with your other social networks.
  5. Blog posts rules are as follows:
  • Blog posts may include one outside link and it must be located at the bottom of your posts with your name, business contact information.
  • Blog Posts must have at least 300 words and be on the subject of social media. Treat the blog post as an article!
  • All blog posts will be pre-approved to eliminate the mass marketers who post Twitter ads and move on.
  • All blog posts must have keywords included.
  1. Pay a small monthly fee to include one outside link in your signature block in the Social Media Forum discussions. CLICK HERE to add this option to your membership.
  • The social media forum is for discussion, sharing, and learning only.

NOTE: You can put whatever you want on your profile page. If you do not want to pay for links, your profile pic will always take people to your profile page when other members click on your profile pic. You may get creative with the use of text or graphic arrows that ask members to click on your pic to get them to your profile.


What members may NOT do:

  1. When you write any post there is no pitching, no selling, and no politics. Forum posts are moderated to prevent self-promotion.
  2. No links to be posted by members in the forum (See paid option above) or activity feed. The activity feed is for encouraging words of the day - no business links.
  3. Do not cut and paste the same comment on every member's page. You will be immediately suspended for spam and your content deleted. No exceptions.
  4. No lewd, crude, offensive, get-rich-quick schemes, dating, illegal or inappropriate services allowed.

If you have questions, please contact me on this site. Thank you for joining us. Remember, Crazy Dreamers Do make dreams come true with social media marketing strategies, tools, tips and news.


Susan Daniels, Social Media Lady

Social Media Lady | Crazy Dreamers Do

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