Jessica Fish posted a status
Mar 21
I had NO idea of all the resources out there to help guide newbie online marketers...I finally read Sandi's 'Affiliate Marketing For Newbies' and wish I had read it earlier in my online journey, like last year! There's so many mistakes I made, and yes, they're all on her list. I'm concentrating on promoting, creating kickass landing pages to gain subscribers, only working on ONE website, and did I mention promoting? :) It took me awhile to realize the latter.

If you're TRULY serious about marketing online, you will take the time to learn and invest in yourself. It's not easy and it's not for everyone. I push myself hard and work tons of hours every week because I'm serious about this, but most of all...I LOVE doing this! I could NEVER go back to the 9 to 5 grind. There is NO Plan B for me, because I will make this work. Learn by your mistakes. Be true to yourself. Do you have what it takes? Only YOU can answer that and only YOU can do the work.

Most won't read this, but that's okay, because I will keep posting, promoting and doing this every day (or close to it! :) until I succeed. | - Your Trusted Source for Affiliate Marketing Trainin…

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