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  • Sandy,
    Glad to meet you, I am going to read your offers, and let's see if we can do business together.
  • Thank you Sandi,

    Happy New Year
  • I didn't know that I'd be friends w/such good-lookin women !!!
    >>> Bob Schlapp (nickname- " N. Y. Bob ")
  • Wishing you good health and happiness
    both now and in the coming year.
  • thank you sandi for wanting to be my friend, I really like your picture it's really pretty. I would love to talk with you some more so don't hesitate to keep in touch from time to time.
  • Thanks for the welcome, Sandi. I need to come visit you so I can go to some great hockey games!! If I remember correctly, a guy named Nolan Bumgartner used to play with the Oilers and he also played in Norfolk, VA where I watched him all the time...(hope you're into hockey or you won't have any idea what I'm talking about!!)
  • Thank you Sandi! I look forward to getting to chat with you more.
  • Hey Sandi, thanks for the welcome, you are someone who doesn't pitch on your first comment. Well done.
  • Thank you Sandi - I am absolutely blown away at all the things connected with WorldProfit. Everything I click on leads to even more. Am happy to be here.
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