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Jan 1
Happy New Year.

New Year, New Decade and New Goals.
My main goal for 2020 is doubling. Doubling all my business What is the best way to grow your business? That's right, doubling. Which business allows doubling? In my view, none of the so-called t…
This year is coming to an end. The year has been positive because I don't want to remember negative things. My main business has grown 200% over the year 2019 so I'm satisfied.
My goal for the year 2020 is to double it?

Perhaps, it's just you who…
Hello, folks people and thanks for my community entry. I'm pretty new here in Woldprofit although I've been aware of it.
I've probably done all the classic beginner's mistakes by bouncing here and there.
Now that the year is changing, I decided to…
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Dec 25, 2019
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