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  • Traffic is the key ...... Master traffic and your home & dry with your dreams turning to reality ....

  • Hello Dear friend .....

    I got associates sign ups from the fast track visitors ....


    PS : Do love the links at the top idea .... Be Lucky !
  • Can a "senior" member of our team help me with a couple of areas I am VERY concerned about?? After investing LOTS of hard earned dollars on FAST TRACK, I have YET to see ONE SINGLE LEAD come thru. What is the deal? And why is it not working any faster, I have been on board with it almost three weeks I think. ALSO, all the memberships I have upgraded into SAFELISTS aren't doing much for my traffic either. In the past 10 days I have sent out several 100 THOUSAND really nice emails and gotten a few associates signed up, but as of today, I HAVE YET TO MAKE ONE RED CENT working many hours on this online marketing gig. I'm doing several "high profile" and NPROS rated programs with great anticipation but so far seem to be only making all these(and yours) companies any money. HELP me please, I can and WILL invest in a good MAILING LIST if Sandi, or George, or Dr. Lant can highly recommend that investment. Thanks, Gary... P.S. NOT at all thinking of throwing in the towel, but how about some good advice.
  • GREAT addition in the program team, all the way around. GOOD work.
  • I also love the navigation links at the top. Very good idea. Makes it much easier to get to certain things and to explain to others how to get to things. I missed the Oct 22 bootcamp, is there a particular reason why the recording is not available yet? I know George is very busy - lol Was just wondering if there was a particular reason.
  • The new Traffic Control Panel is great! Pretty cool idea!
  • Update from George Kosch, Instructor, Worldprofit Home Business Bootcamp

    Login to see some new updates we have made to your Worldprofit Member area!

    First, we decided to add some more navigation to make things easier for both Members and Sponsors who take the time to assist new members with finding the most important items. It's much easier to say, "click the link on the top menu".

    Second, be sure to check the Clickbank Promo Kit every few days for new hot products. Each week 2-3 new items can be found ready to promote. Special note: be sure to only use this area if you are a Graduate of the Worldprofit Home Business Bootcamp training program. Those in Bootcamp 1 Training should only focus on the ad examples which you can find on the TOP Menu.

    Third, we added a new safelist to the iMacro area login to see which one it is. (use the 20+ Traffic Streams link on TOP Menu).

    Fourth, the new Traffic Control panel is still being developed as people use it (you are helping us tweak it and make it better). Be sure to help by filling out a Support Form if you find errors with the system. We plan to import all Dealers not in the two new sites in the next day or two. There will be one click removal in the welcome letter so if you don't want to be involved no problem.

    Important: You will want to be aware that as a Member in these sites you get new downline members every single time you sign up an Associate using the landing pages. You will notice they are all updated. (Yes, we have new Landing Pages coming out in the next few weeks, we are testing them now before we release them).

    Finally, please watch the Bootcamp Training Video #1 if you are new to the program. Click the "Training" link on the top menu to access it. Very important stuff is covered every single week that will help you be a success at make money online.

    Thanks and remember, live Home Business Bootcamp Training every Friday at 10 am central time. Left menu under Millionaire Bootcamp - Live Training.

    George Kosch
    Home Business Bootcamp Instructor,
    Worldprofit Website Hosting & Affiliate Marketing Training
    Worldprofit is a Home Business & Affiliate Marketing program that includes over 100 software tools that various levels of members have access to. Fre…
  • You bet. Many things planned for the fall/winter season!!
  • AWESOME George, WOW, this is wonderful. More to come?
  • Great news!

    George Kosch has opened the new Master Traffic Control Center up now for the use of ALL Worldprofit Silver and Platinum Members.

    Login to your Worldprofit member area now, look on left menu under ADVERTISING/TRAFFFIC then click on button that says TRAFFIC CONTROL.

    This addition is for your use, with goal to make your life easier and put more commissions in your pockets!

    Worldprofit Support Team
    Worldprofit Website Hosting & Affiliate Marketing Training
    Worldprofit is a Home Business & Affiliate Marketing program that includes over 100 software tools that various levels of members have access to. Fre…
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