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  • With all of the up roar in using Twitter, I found a great tool to see all of my friends, my replies, and my direct messages all on one view. Its called TweetDeck.

    "TweetDeck is your personal browser for staying in touch with what’s happening now, connecting you with your contacts across Twitter, Facebook and more. TweetDeck shows you everything you want to see at once, so you can stay organized and up to date.

    From TweetDeck you can respond, retweet, and send tweets with shorten URLs. Its a great tool and it FREE. Check it out at

    Michael Camire
  • Today a Dealer serious about building her online business asked for recommendations on the best bang for her limited advertising bucks. This is what I told her and you should know too.

    To build ANY business you need a consistent supply of steady leads - good leads. The best leads are most often those generated from paid advertising at targetted sites. Here are my suggestions on how to get the best quality leads on a budget.

    FastTrack Visitors: The BEST source of leads that Worldprofit offers are our FastTrack Visitors. We place paid ads in sites we've tested that target home business seekers. We buy the ads then distribute the leads direct to you INSTANTLY when people sign up as an Associate using the sign up forms on our ads. This is the BEST Way, the MOST ECONOMICAL, and FASTEST way to get Associate sign ups. When you purchase Fast Track Visitors we offer you full disclosure on where we advertise, how much we pay, and the real time visitor stats. We've priced the FastTrack Visitors starting at just $29.95. You don't have to place the ads we do it all for you. Purchase FastTrack Visitors and we turn your campaign on - it's that easy ! As leads come in you get them emailed INSTANTLY when a person signs up. It's the least time consuming and most productive way to generate leads at an affordable price. We see the highest rate of conversion from leads generated from the FastTrack Visitors.

    Exclusive Leads: Worldprofit also purchases Exclusive Prospect Leads from a reputable online advertising firm. The leads generated are from people filling out an online form indicating that they are interested in a home based business and have at least $100 to get started. When you purchase Exclusive leads you download the number of leads you purchased from within your Member area. Exclusive leads are priced low based on the rate we pay to order them. Rates start at $39.95 for 25 leads.

    Newsletter Subscribers: Your Silver and Platinum package includes a Newsletter Mailer and some subscribers to get you started. If you wish to build your newsletter list you can purchase additional subscribers, 100 subscribers is $34.99. Subscribers come in the form of just an email address, and are people who have submitted their email address and who agreed to receive a mailing about home business programs. Post to your newsletter list using the templates provided or customize your own promotion and email it to your subscriber list. When people respond to your offers via your newsletter you generate leads.

    Hope this helps!

    Sandi Hunter
    Worldprofit Website Hosting & Affiliate Marketing Training
    Worldprofit is a Home Business & Affiliate Marketing program that includes over 100 software tools that various levels of members have access to. Fre…
  • LIVE Bootcamp Training with George Kosch is today (April 10) at 10 am CT.

    Access is within your member area. This is your opportunity to get your questions answered directly from Worldprofit co-founder and Bootcamp Trainer, George Kosch, Get the latest Worldprofit developments and learn insider secrets to building a successful online business.

    Hint: The people who make the most money with the Worldprofit system are those that attend our training sessions - no surprise there!
    If you can't attend the LIVE 90 minute training session you can watch the recorded shorter version when we post it late Friday afternoon.

    If you want to build a profitable online business get your butt to the training! ;-) No excuses.

    See you there!

    Sandi Hunter
    Worldprofit Website Hosting & Affiliate Marketing Training
    Worldprofit is a Home Business & Affiliate Marketing program that includes over 100 software tools that various levels of members have access to. Fre…
  • Friends from Chennai & India..........can contact me :

    My Mobile : + 91 999 44 69 384.
  • RoboForm is a great tool. It does make life easier.
  • I got RoboForm when it first came out (way back when) and my gosh I would never be able to survive without it anyone who hasn't downloaded the free trial are making their business life miserable by wasting time Go get it
  • Are you going insane trying to remember all your passwords but want extra security?

    Now you can Find Your Favorite Sites, Eliminate Repetitious Form Filling & Never Forget A Login Again!

    Worldprofit highly recommends a Password Manager Tool called RoboForm.

    Here's why:

    RoboForm was named PC Magazine Editor's Choice, and CNET's Software of the Year.

    RoboForm allows you to:
    -Manage your passwords and Log In automatically.
    -Fill long registration and checkout forms with one click.
    -Encrypt your passwords to achieve complete security.
    -Generate random passwords to maximize password strength.
    -Fight Phishing by entering passwords only on matching web sites.
    -Defeat Keyloggers by not using the keyboard to type passwords.
    -Back up your passwords and copy them between computers.
    -Synchronize passwords between computers using GoodSync.

    You can get a free trial of RoboForm, see if you like it, then buy it direct from

    Now here's the best part! Worldprofit Silver and Platinum Members get a handy free tool in the Resellers Club, called "Mastering Roboform". Once you buy RoboForm from the site above, you can use "Mastering Roboform" to know how to use if most effectively to save time! To get "Mastering RoboForm" , login to your Dealer Member area, download it for your own use - PLUS you can sell "Mastering Roboform" to earn 80% commission.
  • Worldprofit Silver and Platinum Package owners can login to the Member area to watch the recorded version of George Kosch's April 3rd Bootcamp Workshop. George reveals a new Twitter tool that will jack your followers and should net you some sales. After George shared this secret we had two Dealers make sales within 2 hours.

    To access the training, LOGIN to your Member area, left Menu look under "Bootcamp Training: then click on "Recorded Workshop".

    Next Friday April 10th there will be another LIVE Training program and George will be showing you how Worldprofit is increasing the inventory of products you can sell once again AND making a commission increase to put more money in your pocket. Watch for more announcements this week as we put the finishing touches on this application. Whatever you do, do NOT miss the next training workshop. If you want to make money with this company then BE at the training session.

    If you are not already a Worldprofit Silver or Platinum package member you will want to be. The change we are working on right now is going to allow an income stream that pays you 100% commission by Worldprofit partnering with one of the most popular online companies. Stay tuned for details this week - this is exciting!

    Sandi Hunter
    Worldprofit Website Hosting & Affiliate Marketing Training
    Worldprofit is a Home Business & Affiliate Marketing program that includes over 100 software tools that various levels of members have access to. Fre…
  • Great news for Worldprofit Bootcamp Graduates!

    Learning Module 1 is now posted to all Graduates who are in Bootcamp II.

    Here's what you get!

    1. George Kosch's video showing you how to maximize the money you can make with the Reseller's Club and your Silver/Platinum Package!

    2. Special Bonus - How To Make Money In Under 30 Days (This video is specially made for Newbies)

    3 Special Bonus - Get Google Ads For FREE! This took me some doing but I have a backdoor membership that I can give you. Normally this costs $77 but not for Worldprofit Bootcamp Graduates.

    We are working hard on making this the most incredible graduate course ONLINE ANYWHERE!!! For those of you in Worldprofit's Bootcamp I, keep working hard each and every day. Grads will get well over $1000 of products and course materials, so stay motivated!

    Cost: $0 forever as long as you are a Worldprofit Silver or Platinum Package owner

    Coming soon. Another section being added to the 20+ Income Streams that will make all students and grads a ton of money!!! And for Graduates... a surprise area!!

    Stay tuned.

    Sandi Hunter
    Worldprofit Website Hosting & Affiliate Marketing Training
    Worldprofit is a Home Business & Affiliate Marketing program that includes over 100 software tools that various levels of members have access to. Fre…
  • Thanks for the invite! I am new at all this so please bear with me. Hope everyone has a great day!
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