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Hi every one,I have been receiving emails from various Internet marketers since I am surfing the net for almost 7 hours a day - writing articles; looking for money making opportunities; building up a team of warm-list to raid the net and make my community members benefited by earning online etc. I am a regular visitor to worldprofit community just to be amidst elite company like Michael, Sanders and others. More often than not I get mails inviting me to embark on Forex Business. They say that one can earn money just by clicking "Buy" or "Sell" options in Forex Deals - wherever they are. I just peeped into a site and was attracted by what is described there. The site has a system whereby their experts analyse the Foreign Exchange Market threadbare every day and make recommendations to Buy or Sell. They even have a mock Forex buying and selling Play Button and if you go into it (just by the inborn habit of seeking thrill by playing Deal or No Deal) you have to take spontaneous decisions within one minute to go about 60 Buy or Sell options. Your prudence is tested in making the right clicks and you see your investment growing (hmmmm only imaginary!) and feel happy. I want our members visit this site and see for themselves. Mr. Michael in his blog cautions about cone artists and home business scammers. So I thought it would be wise to start a healthy discussion on the topic - Can people make money really by venturing into Forex Dealings like this? I am sure it would be an eye opener for our Worldprofit community members. Thank you

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