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  • Hi everyone,

    Glad to be part of the group...cheers! Hope to be able to Help anyone if I can!

  • It is a membership system where a single array is placed everyone under your income and with a payment of only $ 6.20 per one-time, is commissioned every 15 days!


    Some important points

    • It is not necessary to refer, here we all win.
    • activates your position for only $ 6.20.
    • receives profits every 15 days.
    • with the proceeds pay the fee to the following matrix. 2,3,4,5 and 6
    • when you reach the sixth array get you a permanent position pays every 15 days and with ever increasing profits.
    • Or if all win if we enter a world matrix.
    • Single payment processor to facilitate the entry and withdrawal.
    • Andromeda PT 375 (software packs calls and call minutes) and mobiles.
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