Do you know any successful and established business owners such as good old-fashioned “brick-and-mortar” business owners, Internet marketers or direct response marketers? 

If so, that I want to pay you $1500 per referral you make. Here’s what I mean by that... 

Mastery Retreats,has send  notice to emails  recently about their  high-end mastermind group. 

Well, you can make $1,500 per person that you refer to us that becomes a member! Not too shabby, right? 

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If you’re someone with an email list that’s geared towards entrepreneurs, then this is perfect for you! But even without a list, just a few introductions can turn into some nice paydays for you. 

P.S. The Mastery Retreats is for high level entrepreneurs that want to take their businesses to an uber level. So if you know people like that, you should definitely introduce them to us and get paid handsomely.

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