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Professor Jose Alberto Rodriguez, head of the Animal Pathology Department at Faculty of Veterinary Science of the Complutense University of Madrid worked hard to discover new ways of treating and preventing fleas and ticks.

As Director of the investigations team, he conducted a trial named The Insecticide Evaluation of Catan’dogs Pet Protector, on the “European brown tick” (Rhipicephalus Sanguineus) in dogs, in natural conditions.

He studied the repellent action of the Pet Protector disc used on dogs from a group situated in a rural area of Castilla La Mancha, the area with the greatest natural infestation of ticks and fleas in dogs.

The duration of the project was 2 months. The results were astonishing. The group of dogs with a tag produced a significant decrease on day 28 and ticks disappeared from that day onwards.

On day 61 they did not find any. In the animals without the tags, the presence of ticks on days 28 & 61 is highlighted (but we did not observe any decrease in their number on the day of the recount, compared with Day 1.)

Pet Protector is over 95% effective, which is proven for at least up to 2 years, after which it should be replaced.


Pet Protector disc works without incorporating any battery, the POWER supply is the "earthly magnetic field" and the animal motion in it.

Pet Protector disc is aluminum ‘charged’ with electromagnetic & scalar waves using Lenz Law principle to repel fleas and ticks. These waves create a protective, bio-resonance field, driving away parasites and preventing new ones from being hosted by your pet.

Pet Protector disc is designed for external use. Pet Protector disc is one of the safest treatments against ticks and fleas.

Pet Protector has the following certifications and scientific studies (click each institution label to download PDF certifications and studies):

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