I am a member of Gobza: www.gobza.com/global



1. Gobza is a new risk-free advertising platform for shoppers, businesses, and non-profits.


2. Businesses can even make a GobzaOffer for other businesses to buy.


3. For more information, go to my LinkedIn page and click – Gobza Guide:






Thank you again. It will be an honor to work with you.


“Everyday is a gift.  That is why it is called the present.”


Twitter: @robell

Skype: robert.p.johnson.ii

Email: rjohnson_2000@comcast.net

Mobile:  +1 678 788-5303


Robert P Johnson II



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  • Business social network

    Tungia is a social network to share your thoughts, your projects, your business, create pages, groups, chat, meet new people and polled more.



  • Free advertising for your business with new social network for business.



  • List your business on tungia.com place your ad on the right side of the network.
    Business social network for free, similar to Facebook advertisements, ads placed by genre, country ...



  • free advertising, public now


    publicidad gratuita, pública ahora


  • Earn money as free members:

    - It is NOT necessary to have referrals.
    - NOT obliged to pay any money.
    - Being FREE will earn 10 to $ 15 a week.

    There will be 10 daily tasks to collect, simple tasks, for you will realize, win 10 to $ 15.



  • Christine, you are welcome, and thank you.  Tell all of your friends and family and business contacts and non-profits about Gobza.  You are a blessing :)

  • A very innovative way to advertise & shop. Thank you Robert.

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