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The Two Qnanza Opportunities

With Qnanza, you have the opportunity to earn from your efforts enrolling businesses (at no risk) and purchases of coupons from members in your Q-Club... and overrides from members of your organization who are doing the same!


Qnanza tracks your organizational activities in two ways: 

Join Qnanza NOW, Select the option that best suits your goals...

  • Qnanza Campaign Director - $150.00 + $21.95 / month
    * Opportunity for full pay plan benefits and team building overrides.
  • Qnanza Sales Representative - $21.95 / month
    * Only Direct Commissions on Business Sales (No team overrides).

Bonus Income Opportunities

We offer a unique blend of bonus income from personal production with binary commissions and check matching from team building all in one revolutionary compensation plan!


  1. Personal Sales Bonus         Our Campaign Directors are paid a $100 Sales Bonus when a new Qnanza client enrolls in our program.
  2. Renewal Sales Bonus          Our Campaign Directors are paid a $50 Sales Bonus EVERY month that a client renews in the Qnanza program.
  3. Binary Team Commissions In your Binary Team, Business Volume (BV) is passed up the binary tree based on the various activities.
  4. Matching Bonus                    The Matching Bonus is designed to reward our Campaign Directors from the Enrollment Team that they build. With             this Bonus, Campaign Directors can earn a bonus on the binary income of the leaders they sponsored into their enrollment team.

Download the Qnanza Compensation Plan PDF for a more detailed description of the compensation.


Buy things you already buy for 50%-90% OFF! 
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