What's the best way to build your email list?

Affiliate marketers are so focused on promotion they often forget that LIST BUILDING is critical to the growth of your online business. 

They understand the improtant of promotion BUT they are promoting OTHER people's links at not their own at the cost of growing their OWN list.

When you promote the links of someone else, and someone's elses domain name, someone ELSE is getting their list built by YOU.

How do you stop this?


  1. Get your own domain name.
  2. Get a website for YOUR business.
  3. Then on YOUR own website add as many links as you like to your various affiliate programs.
  4. Make sure all the optins come in to YOU.
  5. Use your OWN autoresponder system to compile your list.

Then when your affiliate programs change, or you drop or add new ones your list keeps growing, and you can easily remove / update the links on your website. 

Growing your online business starts with list building and continued growth of that list.

Where to you get list builders, traffic tools, website hosting, a website, affiliate marketing resources?
Worldprofit. Everything you need - its all in one place, all included in our comprehensive Silver Membership, your platform for success as an affiliate marketer.

Each week in Worldprofit's Affiliate marketing bootcamp we don't just talk about leads and list building, we teach you how to access and how to use specialized software and resources to keep your business growing today, and for years to come.  We aren't talkers, we are DO'ERS. Our training is based on help, not hype. We teach you what to DO.  You won't find any fakery in our training, no fancy exotic cars, no rented mansions in our ads, just good old fashioned teaching, training, help and support.   You want the dream, do the work to earn it. We've been supporting affiliate markters all over the world for over 25 years now. We know what works, what doesn't, what to do, how to do it.  

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  • Thanks again Sandi! :)

    Clearly these are sound principles and fundamentals.

    People hear them over and over again yet they still think they can build a better mouse trap. The big problem is that people don't understand how much patience and perseverence it takes to build a successful business. There is no "Easy Button" and no "Quick Fix" when it comes to success, just the desire to keep moving forward no matter what.


  • I have been crying out for help no responce

    • Rondell, we have replied to your open support ticket, kindly check your spam folder if you don't see our reply, that is the best way to get help direct from Worldprofit Support

  • This article is right on, thank you Sandi. I have fond Worldprofit to be the end all, all in one platform for list building ( and everything else) online. I am just learning the importance of point # 5. I had paid for this tool with other programs and having my own for my own Site is making a big differance for my business. My Site https://TrafficSolutions101.com promotes Worldprofit. My personal Website is now hosted by Worldprofit.

     Thanks Sandi 

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  • I have two website domain names, one through Worldprofit, Watchlistenprofit.com and the other hosted through Wordpress Lotsoffreeinformation.com, which has no autoresponder system intergrated.

    So, I make use of the one I have inside Worldprofit, along with capture & landing pages

    Although I'm still unsure what contents to add within a newsletter and within the autoresponder system itself

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  • Most offers however encourage you to promote, promote, promote, Add more safelists, traffic excahnges, solo ads and, and, and ....

    Big questions is 'what do you promote'? In most cases, as long as you simply promote affiliate offers, you DON'T build YOUR LIST.

    If you build anything, it's the program owner's list.

    Here a couple of tips to avoid this.

    - First, only(or at least most of the time), promote offers where the respondent fills an opt-in form that leads to a prospect manager you can control.

    - Second, ensure that a valuable give-away accompanies your offer.

    - Third, ensure you deliever your promised give-away promptly and easily.


    Below are a couple of spots with valuable FREE traffic offers:

    Here's the FIRST.

    And another ONE

    Please share others you have found useful.

    • Your first one isn't working Not Found 404.0

      And another one says 

      You are seeing this error message because this link doesn't exist or has been deleted by the webmaster.
    • Hi Ron, you can see the current offers at https://www.SureFireBusiness.com and also https://www.QuantumSafelist.com Hope that helps.

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  • Most definitely promotion and consistency.  Regardless of your opportunity, unless you are promoting and working your business, nothing will happen.  List building is key, because, without the list, you cannot build the relationships that will lead their and your success.

  • That's the only way I know for certain Sandi

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