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Many moons ago. And I mean many many moons ago. Amway came to South Africa to open a new market and I was one of the people who joined just after the Grand opening rush calmed down. So sad I caught it a bit later but nevertheless we had meetings and rallies and we were driving around delivering product to our downline and everything was energetic and busy. I started climbing up the ladder of percentages profit and I was dynamically involved.

Amway still remains a fantastic concept with fantastic products. I can offer you many reasons why I left Amway but its mostly personal so i'm not going to tell you but one thing stands out. Especially now with the rise in fuel prices it is becomming a very expensive outlay to do all your product deliveries and logistics yourself. What Amway basically provides is a supermarket with selections of the best a country has to offer at discount pricing to its members.

Well now it has happened again but online. This time it is still new and I can capitalize on getting people into an opportunity they havent seen before. Whats more its free! This time I don't have to have the incredible busyness of driving around and seeing people and getting their butts over to meetings and stuff. No deliveries and stuff like that because every member makes his or her own purchases online and their groceries get delivered to them. Yes its still new and expanding as we speak folks but this company already offers thousands of products delivered directly to your door internationally all over the world.

They also offer good money for refferrals who shop and refer more shoppers so it becomes a win-win. Buy groceries for cheaper and get paid for getting people to do the same. Friends and family. Why not? And you can stay in the safety of your own home witout risking it on the streets and burning fuel. Oh yes its nice to shop when you have mooney to burn, but shopping can be a drag sometime especially when you are hard at work on a new project on your PC

This is where its all happening. Join as a customer or an affilliate or both. Its free to join this time round so thank you SFI for making this all possible. The money is out there to those who want it so why pay for it?

Now you are going to shop anyway. Why not shop there? Sometimes making a small change can have tremendous results. In this case change your shopping habits and invite people to do the same. It might be the thing that changes your life. Where will you be in a year's time if you don't try it?

If you do? Well who knows? You will definitely not be here in the same old same old.



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