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WTIA 2.0 Review - Why Wealth Team International Association?

WTIA was launched back on 6/16/91. It was called Wealth Team Association, The internet still wasn't fully operating at that time so it was only in the USA. 

You were paid "DAILY" through the postal service, then once the internet was 
here, in a very short time it pick up across the globe. It then became Wealth Team International Association WTIA  It is now in over 190 different countries and pays Daily. 

  • Over 25 Years Offline and Online and Still Paying Daily.
  • Sharing 95% of all revenue received with Member Associates. 
  • When one member joins us, Five members receive Revenue. 
  • PASSIVE members may receive their first two. 
  • ACTIVE members receive unrestricted revenue. 
  • NO breakaway levels. 
  • Revenue is received both width and depth to INFINITY! 
  • Members actually become Associate OWNERS. 
  • Ownership may be bequeathed to ones heirs. 
  • The price point is $99 one time.
  • Commissions are paid directly to you within minutes of new members joining.
  • Upline support is second to none, No long wait time to get things done.

Utilizing the ONE and ONLY on the face of the earth, mathematical genius of the 
UNIQUE TRINITY LATERAL method of transferring and distributing revenue. 

Doesn’t interfere with anything else anybody is doing because we are an Association, 
not a sales company, so we are not competing with anybody for the sale of anything! 

YOU are the OWNER, The administrator and programmer do NOT have a position, 
so we don’t compete with any member! 

There’s much, much more and you can find more on our website, but for now, 
last but by no means least, Paying DAILY without fail, no excuses, for over 25 YEARS!!!

I Thank You for taking the time to read this, I think the decision is pretty simple, 
I was blessed with haven being shown The Wealth System soon after I entered the internet world, I can say I am a very proud member for over the last 11 yrs. 
There is no place I would rather be, You of course have the option of going from this today and that tomorrow. 
I believe sooner or later you will get tired of seeing your money and downline disappear as the business you work so hard to build "JUST" isn't there in the morning when you wake up. 
Here I will never have that fear, There is no question and I believe the facts above are "PROOF" that we're here for the long haul.
This is something you can build and leave to your kids and family.

I welcome you to have a look at WTIA 2.0 below 

Proud WTIA Associate 
Chris Holroyd
Skype - Chris Edward Holroyd 

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