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I'm not new to internet marketing - I've been learning it since 2007 - but my education has been helter-skelter. So, I have not made a lot of money in my businesses because of my lack of marketing skills. Don't get me wrong, I've done enough to get me to over $300 monthly in net income, but I want it to be at least literally 10 times better!

The notes that I took from the two sessions of boot camp are as follows:

1. Use 5 Traffic Exchanges
I've been using 3 -,, and - these are in order of revenue generated and hits to my websites.

2. Use Safelists
This I have not done. I have built lists from emails I've gained from friends, family, business associates, gleaned from spammers, and customers to my websites. starting next month I will begin using Safelists furnished through WorldProfits.

3. Use Twitter
I've been using Twitter for a few months now as WiiLoveSuccess (. What I learned however, is to separate my business Twitter from a personal one. I'll set one up for my personal escapades - not sure what my Twitter name will be yet - maybe RamblingRable.

4. Use Blogs
Well you can see I've jumped right in and am doing just that here now! I'm not new to blogging - I have a few such as these - - - - - - . I invite you to check them out and subscribe so you can provide me some feedback.

5. Learn how to use keywords and use them to drive you to page 1 of the Google and Yahoo Search Engines.
I've been using Wii Love Fun and Wii Love Success to get me further up the Google Search Train and have gone to page #4. I'll want keep plugging away and find other words or expressions to work.

6. I need to think of Marketing Training as a "college".
It took me 6 years to get my degree in Computer Information Systems so I need to most likely spend a concentrated amount of time obtaining my Internet Marketing degree. I really like the approach and expertise in helping me gain this degree of Marketing success.

Blessings to All Who Have Read my Ramblings ...
Ray Delworth
Wii Love Success

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Comment by Sandi Hunter on August 24, 2009 at 7:37pm
Hi Raymond
This is very useful! Thank ou for taking the time to share this. The final tip I would add is use the Landing pages in your member area to get Associate Sign ups. Driving traffic is critical to your success.

Sandi Hunter

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