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Worldprofit Members, Meet My NEW Friend Chris Farrell

Hello Friends,

I want to share this with you....

I just made a NEW friend and I would like introduce you to him today!

He's a young man from London, England and he now lives in California

( Lucky for US and him ).


Chris Farrell began online in February 2008 not too long after I began.

Chris knew NOTHING about the web business and internet marketing
beforehand. He certainly was NOT from a technical background.

Within 5 months he was making $250/day
(not everyday, but certainly a lot...)

However - by FAR the toughest part of making
money online - is knowing what to actually do first!


The simple cold-light-of-day-truth is...
if you are serious about creating an online business...
(and I mean really serious) you WILL need some simple web skills.

I know this terrifies most people. Particularly newcomers.

But Chris has created an amazing course where you can learn these simple web skills...

Create Your First Website By 3:45 This Afternoon - the Videos - was
inspired out of FRUSTRATION at the lack of decent guides for newcomers.

The biggest myth about making money online is that it is hard to get started.

It really is not.

Let me show you how.

As a Worldprofit dealer I was and am spoiled rotten by George Kosch, Sandi Hunter and Dr Lant. They did and do alot of hard work for me. I'm forever grateful they got me started on the right foot and they will do the same for YOU!'

Now with Chris Farrell I have learn more additional skills in a few short days than I have in my entire Internet Marketing Life!

I can apply them all to my Worldprofit business!

AutoReponders terrified me! Optin Pages and Splash Pages had me running around in circles.

Well not anymore thanks to my Chris Farrell Membership!

The Members Forum is great and alot of fun!

So if your NEW or a Seasoned Veteran you can never have too much knowledge!

Knowledge is Power! So I highly recommend Chris Farrell to you!

All the Best,

Margaret Chaplynski CEC, Owner
Skype Tidewater757

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Comment by bert wallace on September 19, 2009 at 8:41am
hello margaret i am going to take up the offer with chris as i looked around a little and he does seem really genuine so i will sign up for the trial and see how it goes thanks this is a new start for me

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