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Worldprofit Celebrates 15th Anniversary of helping people profit online!

Started back in 1994 as a home based business, Worldprofit Inc, this month celebrates it's 15th Anniversary!

Specializing in home based business resources, Worldprofit has grown into one of the largest online sources of tools, traffic, software and training for anyone who wants to build an online business. Worldprofit offers a Dealership Reseller program but customers utilizing the Worldprofit system can use the unique member services to build any online business.

Worldprofit's Bootcamp Training provides video training, a self-paced 24 hour online training program supplemented with LIVE Online training each week. George Kosch a former jet pilot in the Canadian Air Force, brings his unique training style to customers around the world. George cuts through the hype and delivers strategies, traffic tools and actions that people must do conistently to make money online legitmately. As a developer, George either builds the software himself or tests what works and doesn't work from commercial products and sites available. People using the Woprldprofit system get the value of over 45 years of combined web-based experience not only from George but also from co-founders Sandi Hunter and Dr. Jeffrey Lant. Tired of seeing the online scams and get rich quick promises from so many other companies, Worldprofit has worked hard to provide customers with reliable website hosting, applied training, easy to use tools, valuable software and personal assistance so people of all levels of ability can success in building an online business.

Worldprofit's unique Live Business Center is also popular among customers as the system provides live interaction with guests at the site, as well as sales assistance.

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