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Pursuing your own interests is one of the biggest benefits of working from

 vs. a job in an office. You will have no one to answer to but yourself, and if you have decided to make money through blogging and Internet marketing, you could choose topics to write about or promote that you are actually interested in. You can work at whatever odd hours of the day or evening that you prefer, and have the rest of your time free to spend on other hobbies or with your friends and family. This freedom of choice combined with earning potential is what attracts so many people to this new lifestyle. On the other hand, When you go for home-based opportunities, you may be stuck in your home for a long time and the chances to meet new people lessen. Yes, you’ll have more time with friends and family but you still have to make sure they don't interrupt your work a lot. The common misconception of people here is that they tend to think its okay to disrupt you by barging in unexpectedly or getting you to do chores or run errands even if you are working simply because you're at . But for some who value most their family and peers, this is just one teeny, weeny problem that can be resolved. It is also important to remember that there is a difference between a “job” and a “business.”

Working for someone else is the natural thing to do. People shy away from going into business for themselves. Mainly because starting your own business carries a huge responsibility. It can also be a very expensive thing to do. Do you think working a job is the safe way to go? Lets see, if you continue to go to work, you will continue to have a paycheck. Well, thats the way it used to be. In the current economic crisis, that is no longer a guarantee. Due to the economy, no job is stable. So, I ask, do you prefer to work a job or run your own business? If you do decide to work at home and become your own boss, you will have a different set of challenges ahead of you. For instance, when you work at

by yourself, you no longer have exposure to friends and co-workers and you will most likely be spending much of your day alone. This is fine for some people but others need the interaction with co-workers to make their day feel more fulfilling. Mothers who have children might be the best candidates for work from

jobs because it will give them the opportunity to stay close to their children and make some money too. Stay at home moms may also be a little more used to spending less time with friends their age and just spending time with their children.

When you work from

you will not deal with this silly yet annoying behavior from others. You will be the boss and the one the gets the work done.

Working at

versus working a job is an easy choice. You can work at

with online marketing and enjoy your job.So if you are ready to take that leap of faith and secure you future, Join me in The Empower Network community so that you can be on you way to financial stability….

Don't Be A Wussy, Make It happen!

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