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Why You Should Have a Contact Form on Your Website

Helpful Design Tip.

If you are relying on just a link to your email address on your business website you are:

a) inviting stealth programs to harvest your email address and add / sell it it to spam lists as a valid email address.
b) possibly losing email when people try and contact you and the message is misdirected to your spam box
c) losing out on collecting valuable contact information from your prospects.

Here is what you should do instead of having just an email link on your website.

Add a Contact Form on your website, here are the Advantages:
1) Prospects or contacts must complete the form to communicate with you.
2) The completion of a form helps to protect your email address from being harvested by spammers.
3) You can include pertinent details on the form so that you have all of the information in one place. You can include fields such as Full Name; Interests(s); Complete Address; Phone #, Best Time to Call; How the person found out about you (useful marketing info). That way when you follow up with the person you have their complete contact information, more information on which product/service they are inquiring and so forth to better assist them.

The key is to keep the form short, so that people are not hesitant to complete the form as it will be too time consuming. It helps too, if you assure people the information will remain private.

Sandi Hunter

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