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This ebook will make you a SMARTER, MORE SUCCESSFUL Internet Marketer - Period. Get it here:

 Did you join an affiliate program?Get an affiliate link?

Think you have your own website?

No you don't!

You have a copy of their website,a replicated website.

Are you getting lots of traffic?Oodles of signups?

GREAT!The Affiliate program owner will just love you!!!

Because you are building THEIR list -NOT yours!!!

You've heard,or read the saying "The Money Is In The List?"

Well,it's true -ever time you post to your huge list of responsive buyers -if you ONLY had one  that is,you have the potential to make a sale!

What can you do?

Want help?


They have been online since 1994,doing business,training internet marketers in how to make money online,are veteran members of the Edmonton Better Business Bureau and George Kosch,a retired Air Force Captain and programmer designed all his own training programs -because there wren't any back then.

Appropriately,called BOOTCAMP! 

When you buy a silver website package(pay for a year,you'll save $700!),everything is completely set up and ready to go.

  • Domain name
  • Professionally designed website
  • Autoresponder
  • Newsletter -with 100 subscribers 
  • Prospect Manager -also includes prewritten newsletters,or you can do a custom letter.
  • Tools 
  • Training
  • More

This is what you must have to make money online.You must have your own website and build YOUR list,not someone else's!

Here's the difference to an affiliate program:

when a lead comes into the system,Worldprofit emails them on THE DEALER'S behalf,encouraging them to login,and when they do, a live monitor is there to greet them and close the sale.In the meantime,they are receiving emails on THE DEALER'S behalf with offers,etc.

Once they become newsletter subscribers(see the top right of my website for the subscribe box), I send them prewritten newsletters,custom ones,and/or offers -for ANYTHING!

The same goes for the prospects(associates).

It's a WIN-WIN situation.Worldprofit builds their list sure,but they also build mine,and I can build mine.

If that isn't enough,there is an ad coop,paid traffic,free traffic resources,ads,training and so much more,and one can also promote any affiliate link.

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