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I am old enough to remember the popular television show  called "Who wants to be a Millionaire and young enough to still long for the freedom that a million dollars can bring.

In 2017, a million dollars is not what it once was.  Now billionaires appear on the Forbes 500 list as regularly as we order " fries with that" at Mikey D's.  The good thing is that is is not as hard to becomea millionaire ad it once was because we have the Internet.

Now, that is not to say that I am a millionaire but I srive toward that level in life on a daily basis.  I have analyzed and scrutinized what it takes to make that grade and the final nail in that million dollar coffin is this... Becoming a millionaire is all about the math .  

It is not a magic formula or a secret hiden in India that was uncovered by the Priest.  It is simple math.  the good part for us entrepreneurs is that the math equates to getting enough people to our offers, make a sale and keep them coming back.

Look at these numbers to see what it takes to earn a million dollars online.

  • 250,000 people spending $4 each.\
  • 100,000 spending $10 each.
  • 50,000 people spending $20 each.
  • 10,000 people spending $100 each.
  • 1,000 people spending $1,000 each.

We will take the easiest scenario and let's say we want to reach 10,000 people. We want to entice those individuals to purchase our $100.00 product.  How would we entice engage and sell our $100.00 to 10,000 eager buyers.

It seems so easy to reach those numbers on the Internet.  The Internet is the last great hope for the homeased business owner to find and fund their dreams.  There are presently4.5 billion users on these social

media networks.  Do you think we could find 10,000 individuals who would pay 100.00/month to become a member of an elite organization that provided them the opportunit to become a millionaire.

You see the trick here is you do not want to be a one-time millionaire wonder.  The reason being, that as soon as you purchase that new house or new car from you 1 million dollars, you are no longer a millionare, you have dropped immediately into the 6-figure and out of the 7-figure high realm.  What you want to create is an ongoing subscription from your 10,000 prospects so that you earn millions every year that they retain their membership in your exclusive club.

NOw we know the numbers and we know how to reach those numbers using Social Media.Marketing.  To do things the right way.  GinJoSu Web Services provides the Social Media blitz for the new millionaire "wannabe's.  Check out the full value that is given for full value received.

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