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Who Cut the Cheese?: A Cutting Edge Way of Surviving Change by Shifting the Blame

'Who Cut the Cheese?: A Cutting Edge Way of Surviving Change by Shifting th...', for $6.75 via @amazon

Who Cut the Cheese? 

uses a delightful little fable

to encapsulate the fundamental rule of modern American management

and the new economy:

"Survive change by shifting blame."

The fable revolves around two malevolent rats

and two spiteful "Punypeople"

who find themselves trapped together in a maze,

fighting over a dwindling supply of constantly moving cheese.

Some characters adapt readily to this treacherous, shifting environment

-- blaming the weak and overpowering the helpless.

Others perish in horror, praying for death.

Read this book and live!

Written for all ages, the story can be understood by even the youngest reader:

The "maze"is a metaphor for life,

and the "cheese" is a metaphor for whatever you desire in life

-- be it worldly goods, spiritual well-being,

or unspeakable sexual encounters too deviant even for the Internet.

The more advanced reader will also understand

the secondary message of the book:

"Resistance is futile."

As soon as change happens, we must accept it immediately

or suffer the consequences.

This heavy-handed lesson is designed to engender

unquestioning obedience to authority,

and makes the book an ideal gift for subordinates.

Large companies would be well advised to give this book

to each and every one of their employees,

especially if they are considering a restructuring to bolster shareholder value.

Extremely short, even including illustrations,

the story takes less than an hour to read,

but its unsettling conclusions on the nature of humanity should last a lifetime!

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