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Who are You Talking To? Silence is NOT Golden Online

If you do not have contacts online, you are going to
be talking to yourself most of the time.

Not a pretty picture if you want to make online

You do not need to talk to or contact a Lot of people

You need to contact the Right people online.

That means you want to target the product you are
to a group of people who are interested in what you
to offer.

If you run an email service, target your message to
people who need mailers

If you are selling a heath care product, target it
to people who are intested in this.

If you are selling property, target an audience
who is looking to buy a house.

If you sell food, get your message in front of
people who are hungry.

Here's how you do that:

Sign up to Sokule if you are not yet a member

Then go here and purchase targeted Sokule Trackers

There are dozens of categories to choose from and
one of them will get you a warm audience to follow
you at Sokule.

If you are a fr-ee member of Sokule you can post your
offer to that targeted audience daily.

If you an upgraded member of Sokule, you can email
targeted audience every 3 days. (must be bronze plus
or higher to use the Sokule email service)
If you are going to "talk" to people online, make sure
you are talking to the right people and not just a
general audience.

They say silence is Golden but not online.

Go here and get some list members that are
already receptive to what you are offering
and start talking to them today.

Get the picture?

Go get um

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