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I just got a reminder from Joel Therein that I should be posting to my blog every day.  BUSTED.   I guess I am remiss in posting to our PURE LEVERAGE BLOG, but we have so much else going on with, that the poor neglected blog at Pure Leverage gets ignored.

I think I can justify our negligence, since the weekly postings to many of the almost 25 blogs, review sites, video sites, and featured products sites take up several pages of our weekly newsletter.   There is SO much going on that it takes us over an hour to do just the newsletter (which is actually a static page created with FastCapturePages).  We're  getting it down to a science, now that we have figured out that the formatting is so much easier now that we are using HTML tables to contain the content.  Sounds like there is a tutorial in there somewhere.

In the last couple weeks, here is the short list of what we have accomplished:

Since we returned from vacation (September 18):

  • We have posted over 1.6M ads, excluding classified blasters (which could be another million - these are automated)
  • Set up advertising with six new traffic exchanges, updated all cloaked URL's with the TE links
  • Set up WorldProfit Promo Organizer
  • Joined 11 new safelists and set up banner ads and text ads on each,
  • Joined 3 new cash generator programs, "You Get Paid Fast", "Ultimate Single Line Vector", and "Traffic"
  • Upgraded WorldProfit membership to Platinum VIP,
  • Practicing to become a WorldProfit Live Sales Center Monitor.  Passed screen test.
  • Started a new line of eBooks, and integrated new promotions into business plan
  • Joined ViralExpressPaid To Build Your ListProMatrixPlusSTIFORP
  • Got set up with a new podcast platform
  • Got set up with a new webinar platform.
  • Added PhoneOptin to 7 Minute Workout, and built additional campaigns for WorldProfit and FastCapturePages.
  • Terminated Empower Network and DotComSecretsX, TheViralSecret, and re-worked all multi-stream projects to exclude them.
  • Converted all WordPress signups to GWA Autoresponder by installing the plug-in and building out the AR sequences.
  • Created tutorial on how to add GWA messages using phpMyAdmin, How to Import Messages into GWA Autoresponder.
  • Cleaned up all followup messages in 20+ GVO campaigns to reflect recent changes.

Before we retired, we were both used to providing sitreps and status reports, after all, that was part of our respective jobs.  Looks like Pure Leverage is going to be our sitrep platform, to show that we are actually accomplishing something, and giving the Pure Leverage blog some exercise.


Rich Moyer is Managing Partner and Principal Consultant (retired) and Barb Moyer is COO of Spaho Consulting, LLC who brings you Life Balance NetworkLife Balance Lifestyle Network, and Netpreneur Network

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