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As every affiliate knows, promoting ClickBank
products every day can be a challenge.
When you promote products on a traditional
revenue share basis (getting paid a percentage
of the sale price as a commission) you never
know what number of sales you will be doing
and therefore how much you will earn on any
given day.

Some days you will be selling a lot and
other days will leave you with nothing
more than a whole lot of wasted clicks...

CBleads will put a stop to this insecurity
(insanity?) once and for all. With CBleads
you can continue promoting the same
ClickBank products as before but now
with the added peace of mind that comes
with knowing that you will be paid an (extra)
commission for every lead your generate.

What I am talking about here is no more
wasted clicks and no more wasted effort.

You will get paid for as little as a
simple email or name submission.

What is more, from your CBleads account,
you have access to real time reporting
and superb analytics to monitor and analyze
all your earnings and commissions.

In summary...why CBLeads?

Highest converting and paying
lead offers in the industry.

Promote trusted ClickBank products just as
before, but now you will make more money!

Bi-weekly payouts by PayPal or wire on fixed dates!

Sign up for an account now:

Start earning amazing easy commissions
and add a superb revenue stream to
your online income in an instant.


You have a great ClickBank Product,
but where is the traffic?
More crucially, where are your customers?

Are you one of those thousands of ClickBank
vendors whose product is just sitting there
in the ClickBank Marketplace doing nothing?
Are you one of those vendors that started
with ClickBank full of ambition and fired up
with excitement that begins to feel desperate
after a few barren weeks or months?

Sorry my friend, you are now officially part
of the massive group of ClickBank vendors
that never see their product grow to its full
potential because they lack the traffic and
affiliates to make that happen.

That stops right now! The new CBleads
platform enables you to drive quality
traffic to your ClickBank products quickly
and easily.


With CBleads, you can add a pay per lead
program to your ClickBank offer in a matter
of minutes. If you want to keep the 'normal'
ClickBank revenue sharing model in as well,
that is fine too. Our affiliate managers can
tell you everything you need to know about
exactly how this works.

With CBleads, your offer(s) will be automatically
placed in our network in front of 7000+ active
affiliates. Your merchant account has real time
reporting and analytics too. It gives you total
control over your own lead offers. (you can
set commission levels, place limits and control
affiliates through the system) .

Best of all there is no minimum price per
lead. You can set the cost per lead as
low as $0.01 per lead if you want to.

And if you SIGN UP for an account right
now, we will also waive all sign up fees,
meaning that you can enroll for FREE
($0.00) today. We can have you up and
running within a few minutes!

What are you waiting for?
Add your ClickBank product right now!

Sign Up Now:

You can pay affiliates per lead. Pay an
extra commission per email/name submit,
an extra bonus per sale, per download,
the options are endless. All this with or
without the CB revshare in place -
it is up to you!

You have instant access to a database
of over 7000 active ClickBank Affiliates!

Drive more targeted traffic and
customers to your CB products!

No minimum lead amounts (starts at $0.01)!

Complete control over your own offers!

RIGHT NOW, there are no merchant fees to
enroll. You can start your own CBleads offer
in a few minutes from now at ZERO COST!!

You never need to worry about affiliate
handling, acquisition or payments ever
again. CBleads handles everything. We
acquire new affiliates and take care of all
reporting and payment for and to affiliates.

Actually A ClickBank product is all it takes
if you just want to pay an extra Bonus
Commission per sale. If you already have
a LIVE ClickBank product you can be up
and running on CBleads in minutes...

If you want to pay an (extra) commission
per email/name you need a simple lead
or squeeze page. And if you don’t have
one, we can create it for you (yes, it
really is this simple);

Sign up for an account now and start
your own CBleads campaign right
away. You can be set up in no time.
More information is available after the
account signup and it is FREE, so what
have you got to lose?

To Your Continued Success,

Brian Lawrence

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