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A Review Site?  What's That About?

We have been told over and over that blogging is one sure way to drive traffic, get quality backlinks, set yourself up as an authority, and build an online persona and reputation.  People are always looking for different ways to generate content.  A review site is an excellent way to generate more content, and set yourself up as an authority.  If you review programs or products, there is also an opportunity to insert affiliate links to the products you review, and establish backlinks to other blogs, reviews, product catalogs, and directories.  It can also be a great lead capture vehicle to build your list.

What is Different About A  Review Site?

Any site could be a review site, but with the free WordPress Theme I will give you, there is a custom document type called Affiliate Review that gives you a template to enter an overall rating (equipped with the "stars") and up to four category ratings.   So, you not only get the copy you write about your review, but you have a visual presentation of both overall rating and individual category ratings for your readers.

Other Great Features

The prevailing wisdom is that you should NEVER send someone directly to your website.  Instead, in your promotions, you should send your readers FIRST to a SQUEEZE or SPLASH page that narrows the focus to only what you want to promote, sets up the pitch, and additionally provides an opportunity for lead capture, one-time offers (OTO's), free stuff, and bonuses.   These are frequently used as either good will (as in free stuff), or upsells/downsells.

Building Squeeze Pages can be tedious.  When I first started building web properties, I did everything manually using a text editor and coding HTML tags by hand.  Yes, the dinosaurs DID actually roam the earth in those days.  The ferns are now oil fields, and large reptiles have evolved into diamonds.  Get over it.  Eventually HTML editors emerged and improved the task, and it became somewhat easier, but still lots of work.

Nowadays, we take for granted how easy the HTML editors in products such as WordPress have made it for anyone to create a great looking page.  But it still looks like a WordPress blog page, until now.  The WordPress Theme will also provide a Squeeze Page generator that incorporates images, videos, autoresponder forms, headers, and so much more.   It literally takes minutes to create a beautiful squeeze page.

Speed It Up and Separate Your Squeeze Page from WordPress

When someone accesses the squeeze page you created, it is still displaying through the WordPress platform, and there is some overhead to build those page elements every time it is accessed.  If you are running WordPress in a multi-site environment, or you have multiple copies of WordPress installed on your hosting server, at some point, you will run into some traffic bottlenecks, bog down the common MySQL database used by all copies of WordPress, and run into extended page loading delays.

Once that page is generated by WordPress, it is purely an HTML document.  It does not require WordPress overhead: all the elements in the page displayed can be captured, and simply saved into a standalone HTML page.   I keep all of my standalone squeeze pages on one server, no matter where the WordPress installation resided from which the squeeze page was generated.

The process is actually pretty simple.

  • Be sure you are not logged on as WP-admin on the WordPress site that hosts the squeeze page you created.
  • Display the squeeze page in your browser.
  • Right Click the squeeze page.  Depending on your browser, select View Page Source (Chrome and Firefox) or View Source (IE).
  • Copy the HTML code in its entirety to the clipboard.(Ctrl a then Ctrl c)
  • Login to CPANEL on the server where you want your standalone squeeze pages to reside.
    • Open File Manager.
    • Navigate to the folder where you want your squeeze pages (i.e. public_html/landingpages/)
    • Create the folder if necessary.
  • With the folder displayed in File Manager:
    • On the File Manager icon bar, click +New File.  Name the file appropriately (ie. mysqueezepage.html).
  • On the File Manager bar, click Reload.  Your file should appear in the listing.
  • Right Click on the file you just created, and select HTML Edit
  • Once the HTML  editor loads, at the lower right corner, you will see three buttons: Design, Source, Preview.  Select Source.
  • Select all (Ctrl a) and delete all HTML content from the window.  Right Click, and select Paste.
  • On the lower left of the window, with buttons Design, Source, Preview, Select Design.
  • You should see your squeeze page as you created it.  If there is some shift in positioning or minor changes necessary, you can make those changes using the HTML editor.
  • In the Upper Left on the toolbar, click the Save icon.
    • After the file is saved, then you can click X to close the HTML editor.

In a new browser window, type the full URL of your page in its new location:

You should be good to go!

Where Do I Get This WordPress Theme?

You can see one of my review sites at (actually this is my test site, I have others in production with actual product reviews).  Just go to this URL, and enter your name and email in the form on the right.  Don't forget to opt-in to the page when asked.  You will be prompted on how to continue from there.

Note: This does require that you bring your own hosting and domain name.  If you do not have either, GVO is one of my favorite, reasonably priced, the most dependable hosting providers, and they have top-notch customer service (this is from someone who engineered those environments, and ran a help desk for years -- they passed muster with me and I have pretty tough standards...).

Actually, the GVO autoresponder included with the hosting package is the best I have used (and continue to use daily).  You can use any autoresponder like AWeber or GetResponse also.  It is just that the free autoresponder scripts are only compatible with GVO.

You may be prompted to sign up for GVO Host Then Profits  and/or Pure Leverage.  If there is a free sign-up option, try them out.  I'm in for the whole package, including the co-ops, and reseller privileges, but, as anyone who knows me will tell you, I'm a big believer in "use what you sell", and I use each one of these packages and features every day:

(By the way, our company's primary business is NOT Internet Marketing or MLM and I DO use these products every day).

Rich Moyer is Managing Partner (retired) Spaho Consulting, LLC


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