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Traffic Exchanges What Are They, And what You Need To Do To Succeed Using Traffic Exchanges

Hello, My friends In todays article I'm going to talk to you about Traffic Exchanges,   Now if your new to internet marketing, or
even if you've been at it for awhile  and your struggling to generate traafic to what ever it is your promoting Traffic Exchanges
are a good Free source of traffic generation. Upgrading is optional and usually pretty inexpensive. When you upgrade you get
better surfing ratios, Monthly credits and banner and text impressions and in some cases a shorter clock. Some Traffic Exchanges
Even offer useful Marketing tips tricks and tools. Also if your one who's been using Traffic Exchanges but have had much success
this article is also for you.

What are the different types of Traffic Exchanges? And Which Are The Best To Use?

Ok there are three different types of Traffic Exchanges. The first and most popular are the

Traffic Exchange Surfing

Manual Exchanges. The basic principal
of these is you view other people's ads and in turn your ads are shown. The second type are the Auto Surf Exchanges. I personally am not a
big fan of those,  I just don't see what useful purpose they surf. If everyone has there ads on auto surf who may I ask is looking at your ads
Maybe its done for Alexa Rankings are Google page ranking If thats the case doesn't that seem to be a rather cheesy way of getting rankes
This blog your on now is only as of this date about a week and a half old and it already as a google page rank of 0/10. Usually you have to wait a while to get that. Anyway as I sid I personally don't like or use auto surf exchanges. Now the third type is PTC Paid To Click. generally
the way these work is you get paid for clicking on other people's ads. Some you get paid per ad clicked and others after so many pages
Depending on how you use them they can either be successful or a big disappointment. I currently use two EasyHits4U and Clixsense.
Now I am not looking to make allot of money what I'm looking for is good conversions on my ads which I have gotten from both.
If your one who is looking to generate income you either have to surf till you drop or have

Jon Olson (The TE Guy)

allot of active referrals. There are some people who
have actually  done good trying to make money. In fact one such person comes to mind as I am writing this. In fact she has been dubbed  The First Lady Of PTC's by Jon Olson" The TE

Marie & Justin Perrelet

Guy" Her name is Marie " Sassy"  Perrelet. As for me I'll stick with good ole Manual Exchanges

Geeting Credits So Your Ads Are Seen

When you first join a Traffic Exchange, they will sometimes give you credits to start off with. If your an upgraded member you get credits at the beginng of every monthas long as you stay upgraded. * Her's A golden Nugget* (When you join an exchange or for that matter any program when you first log in you will see an OTO a one time offer, now over the course of your membership you will see other OTO's however
the first one is usually the best one just something for you to think about). Once your in the exchange and your ads are set up, you can surf for credits are if you have the budget you can purchase them at reasonable prices. Some exchanges even offer good credits OTO's if your paying attention. Sometimes you'll see them when you login and sometimes you'll get them through email. Speaking of email Allot of people who use Traffic Exchanges may not realize this but some traffic exchange owners "Admins" will send out emails to there members with news. offers and links to click on for credits, activity points etc. Some exchanges even allow its members to send out Solo Ads. As far as email
you should be using gmail and you should have an account set up just for your Traffic Exchanges, also you should be filtering them into folders you have set up.

What To Promote To Achieve The Best Results

First of all I personally don't care what your promoting if your using Standard Affiliate Pages you are wasting your time. You Never and I mean Never ever use Standard Affiliate Pages in a Traffic Exchange , and here's why aside from the fact that other members who don't know any better are also promoting the same page. They are generally filled with to much info and you almost always have to scroll to see the entire page. If you've been using them slap your self on the knuckes and stop using them right now STOP IT!. You need to be using are Splash Pages, Squeeze Pages And Landing Pages, all three have one call to action, to get you signed up. A Splash Pages are simple pages somtimes with images for aded attration with a link, banner or button to click on that take you to that standard affiliate page where your sign up can then fill in there info. A Squeeze Pages ( also called Lead capture Pages) is allot like a Splash Page except for one difference the form that needs to be filled out is right on the page sending your prospect to both your downline in the program your promoting and your personal list on your autoresponder. "This is something I personally need to learn how to do." Landing Pages are also simple page but a little longer than Splash or Squeeze Pages, they also have a form to fill in much like Squeeze Pages the one difference is there are generally Bonus Offers most times already checked off under the form..

Personalazation The Know Like And Trust Factor

Most programs will provide you with Splash pages, Squeeze Pages and Landing Pages that you can use to promote there program.
Some of them even give you the option of persoanlizing them with your picture and sometimes your name. If you really want to set yourself
apart try making your own. I currently use three places, They are AdKreator, which allows you to add Your pictire signature  images and you can also adjust the text add video. Its like photoshop but much simpler. The second is Instant Splash. These too allow you to add your picture signature, Video, Banner images etc. The third one I jus joined is a new one its called Splash Page Advertising.

Should You Use Video?

This is one question that is hotly depated some some yes and some say no. Some think you should have them auto play and then there are those who say auto playing is no good. I personally say yes vides are good to use aslong as the viseo is not to long. It adds other element in the know, like and trust factor. And I also think yes they should auto play. You want to grab there attention after all. Or at least I think you do>

Maximizing Your Surfing To Get The Best Results

First of all to best maximize your surfing you should be using the Firefox browser or Google Chrome, they both have tabs which is what you need when surfing. This allows you to surf more than one excange at a time, this helps you build up your credits nad saves you time . You should be surfing at least 5 but no more than 7 at a time. The reason for this is #1 the mopre you have opened on your computer the slower your machine gets and also it actually takes you longer to build up your credits. Internet Explorer does not allow you to do this, unless you want to surf one at a time. There are also browsers made espically for Traffic Exchanges, They are TE Browser which as been around for awhile and a new one on the block Trafficexbrowser. There are also a couple gret tools to use whike surfing Firefox or Google Chrome.
They are Quick Tab Change from Jay hines this allows you to change tabs with a simple click of a button, and a plugin found on Firefox called Tab Mix Plus this you can set the timer in settings and it changes tabs hands free.

Surfing Is Great But Are There Other Ways To Advertise?

To often someone will join a Traffic Exchange add there sites and just surf not realizing there are other ways to advertise. The first thing you should do is go fill in the Downline Builder espically if you plan on promoting that program. Sometimes you even get random referrals.
Also make sure you add Banner and Text Ads. * Here's Another Golden Nugget* Try personalzing these too. As mentioned earlier some Traffic Exchanges allow you to send Solo Ads To the other members. If you can purchase Starter Pages, These are exactly what they sound like ever member who surf on the day or days you have a Starter Page reserved will see youe Ad first this is very powerful. Some even have the option of second and third pages. The most important thing you need to remember is when your dome surfing make sure you add the credits you build up while surfing to your Adsand also impressions to your Banner ans Text Ads. Oh yea I almost forgot keep your eye out for prize pages. Also some Traffic Exchanges require you to set up a certain percentage of hits to go to your site while surfing.

Closing Notes

Well there you have it I hope you enjoyed reading it and more importantly I hope you were able to learn something. from  what I wrote
I would love to know what you think so please leave me a comment

Have A Great Day
Scott Rohn


Republished with author's permission by Scott Rohn Get 50,000 Visitors to your website today As long as this box remains in the article

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