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Did you know that as a Silver or Platinum Package owner you get access to a number of free sales aids useful for generating traffic to your site?
Login to your Worldprofit Dealer Member area and on the left hand menu you can access the following tools:

-Design/Free Banners --> then Free Banners/Ads
In this area you will find a number of banners that you can use in Banner Exchanges, you can add to your site, your newsletters your online posts and more.
Link them back to your website to get the traffic benefit from your promotional efforts.

-Advertising/Traffic --> then Landing Pages
In this section you will find Landing Pages that can be used in Traffic Exchange and as URLS in newsletters or safelists
so and advertsiing you do can generate interest in a special offer and net you with leads!

-Advertising/Traffic --> then Landing Pages
In the same section as referenced above, at the VERY top of the page, there is a link to Text Ads we have pre-written for you and tested them for responsiveness.
We have over 20 for your to choose from and all you have to do is copy and paste.

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