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I want to introduce you to a product that is having a major impact on blood pressure ; cholesterol levels. and other cardiovascular issues. It is Pro Argi9Plus from Synergy Worldwide.

Maybe you or someone you love has high blood pressure, which doesn't surprise me. What is surprising to me, is that thanks to Dr. Joe Prendergast and the research on L-Arginine, we now have a natural neutraceutical supplement that can counteract any cardiovascular problems, plus heal a myrid of other health conditions.. All treated with NO SIDE EFFECTS..

The purpose of this article is to clearly identify PRO ARGI9 PLUS ,its many features and benefits., and clearly identify ALL of the health conditions, that are reduced or reversed, because of this amazing product. You will see how ProArgi9 can be a helpful pathway to complete wellness.

You might be asking yourself, how effective is Pro Argi9 plus for helping those facing life-threatning diseases. My answer is," read testimonies and see for yourself why this can be your own "miracle of health.

"DR Michelle Tumbcotte turned me onto this product. She said that it changed her husband's blood pressure numbers in one month.

So, i did some research and ordered the product, for myself.. Six weeks later, I went to my regular Doctor to get my blood pressure checked. With medication, my blood pressure had been running 139/89. Prior to this visit, my doctor was planning to increase my dose, if the numbers had not changed.. When she took my first blood pressure reading, it was 120/79. She said that she needed to take it again, because that was not right.. The second reading was 120/70. Tthe doctor was so amazed; she thought something was wrong with the machine.. She looked at me and said," What the heck have you been doing to get it that low?" I told her that i was taking ProArgi9, on a regular basis, and absolutely lovd what it is doing for me.

Cheryl H.

There is a good reason why this product is so effective, but before i get into that, let me tell you about the benefits. research suggests the many benefits of L-Arginine, the main ingredient of ProArgi9 plus.

lowers high blood pressure and cholesterol levels

Clears Plaque from arteries and makes them more flexible.

Enhances blood flow to vital organs

Provides HGH for Anti-Aging

Reduces Body Fat

Maintains healthy blood sugar levels

Boost Enegy levels

Increases Immune function

Stops blood platelettes from sticking together to form blood clots

Simply stated, ProArgi9 plus is a revolutionary L-Arginine product that offers great taste; far reaching health benefits and powerful support of the Cardiovascular System.

If you would like to order this product, please visit our website at

While there, feel free to check out the videos to lean more about this amazing product.. if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call our toll free number 1-866-446-2647 EXT 101 or if you prefer, send an email request to We will, in turn, send you a brochure and Fact Sheet, so that you can share wity your friends and family. We, will, also, send you a coupon, for a FREE HEART HEALTH SCREENING, valued at $150.00.


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