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$tiforp: Redefining network business

We have all attended a presentation for an MLM company. Multi-level marketing is a concept of earning based on the mathematics of geometric progression. The idea in itself is very promising, but people have very polarized views on the same. If the world’s best-known investor, Mr. Warren Buffett, sees potential in it, there has to be something there.

The major hurdle to expanding in network-marketing, another popular term for MLM, is that we aren’t all born salesmen. Even the best product can founder for lack of an effective sales pitch. What if you could delegate the marketing bit effectively to an online system AND could make money on the internet at the same time? Sounds brilliant – and it is!

Enter $tiforp. $tiforp not only magnifies many times the earning potential of your existing network but also lets you earn money online simultaneously. With $tiforp’s complete suite of services, you can triple your income generation, through savings in costs and an increased conversion rate of leads.

$tiforp offers:
• Tools
• Trainings
• Systems
• Resources
• Coaching
• Tips
• Secrets
• Techniques
• Gameplans
• Strategies

Equipped with these, your networking organization can swell easier and faster. $tiforp offers these at a very reasonable $9.95/month. As soon as you join, you are pre-armed with $5000 worth of tools, trainings and systems right off the bat.

Most MLM companies have a very rudimentary website. It’s impossible to know if a lead hit the site at all and even if that happened, whether there was any retention of the information provided. In all likelihood, they will never revisit unless you follow up repeatedly. Compare this to a video presentation, which with its combination of visual and aural inputs is 10-times better remembered.

Here’s where $tiforp provides a much needed boost with flash movies, presentations and talking actors. You can own landing pages with an autoresponder system to track visitors. You can also set up delivery of reminder mails at a certain frequency. With such a simple functional system, not only is your workload lessened but subsequent signups can also generate leads faster with the system working for them. Overall you conserve thousands of dollars from not availing these services separately. $tiforp also provides a traffic rotator, contact management system and guidance from business leaders. This is all good.

Now for the brilliant part! $tiforp makes you money on the internet by being a networked business model itself. As soon as you join up (without paying), you are given a temporary position. Everybody who joins after you is queued up in $tiforp’s ‘powerline’. If you get a paid subscription before their cut-off, (Tue. and Fri. 12a.m. Pacific time), you immediately earn money online for the first 3 members below you. At every cutoff, subscribers are assigned a level based on sign-up times. You can earn up to $2047.50 without enrolling a single person yourself.

Other benefits:
• Fast start bonuses
• 14 commission levels
• Matching bonuses

$tiforp is a small revolution in the network-marketing space. Not only does $tiforp benefit your existing business with its fine-tuned services but also handsomely augments your income, by making you money on the internet at minimal costs.

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