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ANOTHER 31 people earned over $1,000


....and MOST of them are people you've

never heard of and have never had any real

success before.

There's nothing like what we're doing anywhere

out there....


People have tried to copy us.

They've thrown stones at us.

Tried to steal our thunder.

And been determined to break us down.

Yet we've risen up from the ashes stronger

and more driven - determined to help more

people get money, get results, and in literally

thousands of cases.....

......earn their VERY FIRST COMMISSION....


Hell, last night I did an event in Tampa, FL

and with 48 hours notice close to 200 people

showed up.....

.....and I brought up person after person to the

front of the room to share how they have made....






There wasn't a SINGLE guru in the house.


90% of the people I brought up to the front

of the room had been in for less than a month.

Think about that for minute.

And then think about how quickly you can

help someone get results doing what you're

doing right now.

THIS is an issue.

People are hungry.

Their starving.

And if you can't help them get results.....

....they will find someone who can.

Start out by showing them something that

will actually PAY THEM what they're worth....

.....and won't take 2-4 years or 8-million people

in a 'downline' to do it.


And compare what we're doing to anything

else out there that people are doing in the home

based business industry.

It's a TOTALLY different animal.

Which is WHY 200 people will show up on

the drop of a dime.....

.....literally, anywhere in the country.

And WHY 1,200 people flew out to Atlanta

last month to pack out one of the biggest hotels

in Atalanta and scream "Don't be A Wussy".

And out of those 1,200 affiliates 95% of the

room had made a commission in Empower

Network. Here's PROOF.

And it's WHY 3,000 people will gather in

San Diego on September 21 to help us "Fight

The Forces of Evil" :)


This is not a 'job'.

It's not a 'company'.

And it's not an 'opportunity'.

It's a WILDLY exciting chance for you to

do something BIG in life.

And help A LOT of people.

And make a damn difference.

Get in.

And help someone earn their first commission.

Or post their first blog.

And FEEL the difference Empower Network

is making in people's life for yourself.

Right now..... 

This has your name all over it.

Just get in.

Do it.

And then you can go tell the rest of the world to

stop being a damned wussy and just get in like

we do everyday :)

Welcome to the MOST badass thing ever

- David Sharpe

"Man on a mission to change the damn world"

P.S. OBVIOUS disclaimer coming... :)

Don't assume just because 31 people made over

$1,000 yesterday alone, and most of them have

NEVER made a dime online before, that automatically

guarantees you'll start making $1,000 a day, too.

Don't be a weenie. I don't make guarantees.

Only that what I tell you is true.

And what we're doing is real.

I actually think being transparent is SO important

I publish actual average earnings for the ENTIRE

world to see. Our Earnings Disclaimer.

Pretty bad ass, huh? :-)

P.P.S. Welcome to the MOST badass thing ever

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