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The Ultimate Valentine's Gift: Money... Better Than a Leg-Over

The Ultimate Valentine's Gift: Money... Better Than a Leg-Over

“Love, Love, Love, Love and more Love”, as per Callisto,

(Xena, Warrior Princess Sitcom) just before she killed

Gabrielle's husband with her sword...he got the Point.

Now, Love has a Cost and the big question is can you

afford it? You see and hear it daily, as indicated by

Child-Support, Alimony and other expenses related

to one act of intimacy that last a lifetime. Yes, in the

Throws of Passion you made an life-altering decision.

Indeed, society calls the aforementioned action..LOVE.

14th of February is St. Valentine's know,

the day for Lovers. Alright, it's more about buying Roses,

Chocolates, Victoria Secrets Lingerie and other goodies

to AVOID being called a skinflint by your paramour.

Now, like all other holidays it's commercialised and it's

all about the Benjamins Lebowski because, “Money”

isn't everything but, it ranks up there with oxygen”. Don't

believe me then, ask any female during a divorce if, she

wants more than a 50/50 split from her partner? Indeed,

LOVE is an ideal but, money trumps everything in the

partnership called Marriage....okay, dating because fewer

people are Stupid enough to tie the Old Noose....I mean Knot.

Clearly, I am not coming across as Romantic in this article

and that's because I am more interested in the ultimate

aphrodisiac to a woman's heart (well, westernised women)

and that is Money and Power. Oh, your offended, sorry ladies

but, the term Hypergamy exists for a reason. Your mother

NEVER taught you to marry DOWN but, just the opposite.

So, marriage like any Business Investment involves pursuing

the TOP not the Bottom; therefore, boyfriends and husbands

are the Alpha Males of the SES Ladder and that's why Money

& Power can arouse a woman more than a good old fashioned

Leg-over....well, minus if he is well-endowed anatomically


It's all about Relationship Building and improving the intimacy

between partners; however, divorce stats show that Men and

Women are having difficulty communicating with each other.

In fact, there are more single adults than married couples today

in the United States and the trend in other westernised countries

are mirroring the aforementioned fact. It remains, Marriage is a

Business and it's one you can LOSE more than you GAIN.

Child-Support and Vaginamony (Tom Leykis expression) are

well known COSTS of doing business in Contemporary

Marriage 101 and it's getting more expensive to venture down

this road.

Perhaps, one should seek another form of Relationship Building

and that involves operating a BUSINESS and not entering a

marriage/dating. Want to Win Friends and Influence People

(where did I hear that from) then, provide them a Product/

Service that has VALUE and more importantly, solves a

Problem. Indeed, you will make friends fast and long-term

if, you continue your winning ways. Why not use this same

model when trying to connect with the object of your affection.

Here is the ultimate Gift for Lovers....Consistent,

Predictable and Long-term Residual Income. Well,

providing the Essential Tools, Training and Traffic

designed to enable marketers/entrepreneurs to

generate income at will. If, this appeals to you

then, I invite you to review our information.

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