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the story that tells a story (No 1 - Fox and a crane)

Once upon a time, there were a Fox and a Crane Bird living peacefully as neighbors. They did not talk much to each other, always pretending to be busy. Actually, that was not the way of life other animals had... they all chirp together, play together, work together...and of course they gossip together about the Fox and the Crane never talking to each other.

The Fox has decided to do something about it and to show to all other birds and animals that he too can be part of the community... So he invited Mr. Crane to a dinner at his place. He prepared a very tasty dish, the whole area was full of beautiful and inviting smell... mmmmm... but he served the dish in the flat plate.... easy for him to lap it up but you try to pick it up with a long sharp pointed beak...
well. you know Mr. crane never had a chance... but he pretended everything is OK, said good night, invited Mr. Fox next week to his place for dinner and went home... Sure enough, Mr. Fox arrived on time hoping to get a feast... Mr. Crane has prepared a meal fit for the king.... and served it in a .... yes in a JAR.... a very narrow and tall jar that was too...
The crane ate to satisfaction, the fox could only smell and dribble... (end of story)

You see, none of them was really interested in GIVING something to the other... A showy display of not so genuine affection for your fellow men is not what our business is all about.... Why pretend that you are doing good to your friends when you invite them to join you in or any other business for that matter, if you are not GENUINELY INTERESTED IN SATISFYING THE NEED OF THAT FRIEND.
Did it ever occur to you that your friend may not even need to earn money... he may just need a bit of compassion, a friend, a helping hand, a feeling of belonging... And if you just look at him as a FRIEND, not as a source of income, you will have more income...
My mother used to say... "one hand washes the other, but FACE washes both of them". (well that is one of the future stories)... but think... Go back and read some of the material in the reading room... You will learn that MLM is like LOVE... You can not have it unless you first GIVE IT AWAY.... Do not try to CONvince your friend... Show your enthusiasm and satisfaction, be a leader, not a Pied Piper.. (if you do not know of Pied Piper please ask) Get in touch with your ZEROS and show some concern and willingness to help... You may be surprised at results...

Please come back tomorrow for another story.

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