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the story that tells a storry (3 The oyster)

Tonight, I am going to invite you all to a party... You know the parties where you have a quiz, guessing games and stories...

I believe everyone of you knows what a pearl is? The beautiful and expensive thing that grows in the oyster? You do?.... Well then you will know also how difficult it is to get it... deep diving dangerous waters, and sharks...
So, let's for a moment imagine that you are the one going down under (not to australia:-) to get some oysters and harvest enough pearls to make a beautiful gift to someone you love... One dive, no oyster.... two dives. no oysters and then finally after several more jumps, you get a beauty...
Excited as you are, you grab the knife, open it and prepare to feast your eyes... but alas, there was no pearl... So you prepare a nice soft pad, and wrap the oyster in it and hold it between your palms nursing it day and night.... waiting for the pearl to develop.... waiting, nursing, feeding watering and more waiting... I wonder, will that oyster ever produce?
Most likely not and by now you are kind of worrying that I might've slipped, or lost a bearing or two....
Whoever heard of something like that?
Well, I have news for you... Most of you are DOING it right now... nursing an empty shell despite the fact that the NEXT oyster may already have a pearl... And the next one... All those people in network marketing, some have a downline of thousand other in hundreds and tens... And they are all nursing the existing procrastinators instead of dive for the productive ones... USE OUR SYSTEM TOOLS AND COMMUNICATE... talk to each other, make a friend, let the new ones know who you are, let them learn to trust you... We are COMMUNICATORS, not distributors and we should communicate our experiences, our hopes, our need for helping others and be helped even...
Did you go recently to your control center (in and checked on your downline? Did you count zeros? (empty shells)
I wonder .... is it possible that you do not know what we really have here? (remember the widow who died from hunger and never knew about an opal in her yard? I will have to re-tell that story again I think)

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