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The Million Dollar Question- How do I really make money online?

The idea and constant allure of making money online has been the driving force for thousands of people, even millions. Do a search online about online business and you will find people from around the globe have in the past and the now present lost fortunes trying to attain the prize. Making enough money online to change their lives their destinies. So many enter for as many different reasons. Some to make their fortune, some to be able to be their own boss, some to buy that dream house or to live the so called “internet lifestyle”.

No matter how many people you meet all have a why or a reason that they jump into the sea of making money online. And for many it truly is like jumping into a sea, a turbulent sea where if they don’t know how to swim, and really swim good, they will be taken down under the waves and may not make it back to the top. It is estimated that only 5% of all the marketers online make money. And that is at the $100 mark. Then the averages go down when looking at those who achieve life changing income to around 3%. Then there are the 1%ers who make the millions online. These are the true facts facing anyone who decides to enter the online business niche. The lure and magnetism of achieving online riches has destroyed many people.

They have spent life savings, lost large amounts of money chasing the next Big Thing. They have become guru worshippers who follow and do whatever the gurus say. Even when common sense tells them that something is wrong they still go for it because the guru said so. They go from one botched program to the next botched program to the next, never wanting to admit this is so much like the other program where I lost so much money. And then we watch the fake houses, fake homes, fake families, fake programs, and hold on to them like our lives depended on them. Are we crazy or what?

But that is the daily scenario of making money online. It has been like this for a while and appears to be getting worst but I tell you there is still hope. Because in the midst of all this financial carnage there are people out there who really do want to help others not make the same mistakes. They do not want to see their peers go down the same yellow brick road. And from their experiences they have learned how to really make money online and desire to help others who find them.

I know I just got through throwing out a lot of doom and gloom but I know there are people online who are making comfortable incomes that do change their lives. These same people live the internet lifestyle but the lifestyle they live isn’t anything like the flamboyant ones we see so prevalent online. They came the same way we did, have made the same mistakes we made, and they found the reality that most of us have not yet discovered. These are the people we must find and they are out there.

I use to get so mad when I discovered a truth about making money online. But then I realized that there is no reason to get mad, it is what it is. Making money online follows patterns that cause money to be made. Many love to say home based business but fail to accept the fact that although it is at home it is still a business. And businesses follow certain patterns that cause them to make money. First notice I didn’t say a home based vacation. Home base bu8siness. The business is what helps me make the money to take the vacation. That is the fact of the matter and until the 95%ers accept that fact, they will never make a dime. More doom and gloom I know but this doom and gloom leads to a change of heart and mind. Businesses make money and to make money you must sell something. Indirectly or direct, something must be sold to make money. But that is one of the secrets the gurus don’t want you to realize. Why, because when you do, their next great thing product line won’t make them the money they thought they would make. When you find out the truth you will buy less and might even decide to keep your 9 to 5 because it is hard out here to really make money.

With all this said let’s circle back to our topic the million dollar question:” How do I really make money online”?

First we must accept the rules of order in making money online. No matter how mad you get, how frustrated you get, or how much truth you find out about the so called “no brainer” program that never made you a cent. Accept the ugly truth that you see and then begin to carve out your path in all of this. That’s right, your path, because you are the only one who can build success for you. Listen, I am not saying for you to do all this on your own because that makes it even harder. What I am saying is that I know me. I know what makes me tic, I know what makes me motivated, I know what triggers me to but something online, and I know what causes me to spend foolishly. Once you can accept that you will be the cause of your own success or failure, you have just reached a pivotal point in your life when making money online.

Secondly think about all the people you have met online who actually told you the truth. You didn’t want to hear it but you knew it was the truth. Go back and find these people and try to connect with them. I realize there are some you will not like because they are sometimes not likable people. But if someone who doesn’t like me and I don’t and I don’t like them, and they still tell me the truth, I need them somewhere in my life. Somewhere in my business. Just open up your eyes and I promise you will see people who are willing to help but you have to approach them. And this is what I did a few months ago. And this will lead me to my 3rd and final point.

I have been online for over 9 years now and most of them have been under the training of Worldprofit. Worldprofit has been in business online for over 23 years now and is considered by many online the best online business trainer. When I joined these guys didn’t play around with me and tell me everything I wanted to hear. They educated me first, then made me an amazing offer, and then allowed me to make my decision. As you can see I am still with them. At first Dr. Jeffrey Lant was the lead in our education in marketing. After Dr. Lant left George Kosch and Sandy Hunter took the helm and the process continues to roll. But it has taken me years to finally see what they were teaching us and that’s ok. Once you learn something you never un-learn it. Making money online.

I have found that knowledge compounds knowledge. What they have been teaching me over the years came to a crystal clear point over the last year. Making money online is a process that follows a pattern. This pattern can look like a thousand different faces but the base of the pattern in always the same. There are thousands of programs out there online and some better than others. But no matter how good or bad, if you do not follow the pattern you will always end up the same way. Making no money.

Above all other things you must do, is build a list. To successfully make the kind of money you desire to make, you must have a list.

The list is composed of people who have signed up on your mailing list to receive product advertisements from you. The very next thing you do is paramount. You must choose a tool to help you build your list. I currently have 5 to 6 list building tools available but the cost is substantial. 

Several months back I accepted an email from a young man named Marcus Miller.   He had created a program that would help anyone build a list. His first program was named Super Ape. Now one of the main problems I was having was people just didn’t have the money to purchase those premium list building tools that I did. And for them to have the same success they would need to use what I was using. So I decided to go with Marcus because I felt at the lower cost I could bring people into my business and after they saw that they could make money with us, then I would share my other programs with them.  The goal is to make money and help anyone who joins you to do the same. Now with Super Ape set and ready to go, I began promoting. A few months after Super Age Marcus created a totally free list builder called BuildAList4Free.   By deciding to use Marcus’ programs what I had done was concentrate on one product and to build all my other programs through the one tool.

Through BuildAList4Free I was adding people to my list daily and after introducing myself to my list I could now begin to share all the other programs that worked for me.

Not only was I building my list, I was building my income from the programs inside of BuildAList4Free and my referrals were following me. This is the answer to the question, how do you make money online?

You focus and use that one tool to build your list, in the beginning. It really doesn’t matter which tool you use, just focus on one and work it.

I made a decision to use Marcus’ tool because the cost could include any and every one. FREE, why not? But just because this jewel is free doesn’t mean the quality is no good. Free opens the door for more people and once they come you must teach them what you know and the process duplicates for those people who are not lazy. Again, business requires work and work creates rewards. Are you ready for yours?

Once you learn a thing you cannot unlearn it.

Thanks Dr. Lant, George Kosch and Sandy Hunter. I understand now more than ever.

Thank you Marcus Miller for your powerful desire to help people like me who are striving to make money online.

It may have taken a few minutes to get here. But now that I am here, get ready!!!!!


Michael Harris

The Everyday Marketer

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