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You have experienced his before.

You have seen it many times

You get all hyped up and then...

OK.  I do it too...

The pre-launch gets everyone charged up, and recruiting like mad so you can get "positioned".  Announcement after announcement tells of all the wonderful things they are putting together for the launch which is in no more than one month away.

So, you have to sell it.  Sell what?  The products are not ready.  You cannot even see them, let alone use them to understand WHAT you are selling, how to use it, how it will be attractive for your customers to want it.

So "it" is nothing more than a concept.

It turns out that the first "product" you can sell is a Resellers License.  You are selling the right to sell this nebulous lineup of products.

Now the first upsell.   GetResponse autoresponder is the ONLY autoresponder they support.  So you sign up for $15 per month, even though you already have 6 other autoresponders that work perfectly well, but for you to be a success, you need THIS ONE, so you add another one to the pile.

The second "product" is a suite of software tools,  many of which you can get for free if you know where to look.

Next is a "product" called "The Academy" that challenges your intellect, but forces you to make some hard decisions about your goals, and how to accomplish them.  In order to excel at selling this program, you must go through courses and become "certified".

All this, and they have been taunting you all this time that  this is a "done for you" business.

BUT, you have not yet seen these wonderful things first hand, so you just recruit like crazy, for new resellers who also will not have seen what we will be selling


Launch day finally arrives.

  • You get your first look at the products and tools.
  • Even though you bought GetResponse, there are no campaigns, no messages, and your landing pages they told you about are not connected.
  • I was hoping to be able to see the tools, training, and traffic products before being thrown to the wolves, let alone start to get some commissions rolling in to cover that $365 monthly hit you will be seeing on your credit card.  
  • And they tell you that to really be successful in this business, you need to spend another $4000.

Look.  All I want to do is recoup my losses so far.  

  • I don't want to do the market research and tailoring of a marketing campaign to a specific, tightly controlled, target audience.  Done for You means that I pay my money, and the system takes care of it for me.  
  • I'm not a marketer.  Obviously I'm not good at it.  I'm a techie, and marketing is hard for me. At my age (mid 60's).   I don't WANT to get that deep into anything.
  • I'm thinking that this may not  be right for me, but I haven't even seen what it can do.
  • Do I  want to continue as a reseller?
  • Do I want to pay month after month for a tools suite I will most likely never use.
  • Do I want to use this tools suite and get tied to this tool set?  What happens if I drop this program?  I have to un-do everything this tool suite offers and port it AGAIN to another platform.  Quite frankly, I am leaning towards KISS, and using low cost products rather than this high-priced tool suite.
  • Why do I want this "academy" product?  I have no intention of going through any new certification tests, but in order to qualify for the commissions, I have to purchase each one of these products myself.


You might think I'm lazy.  OK.  But with 40 years in the corporate environment, I worked hard and accomplished great things, but now, I'm retired.   I have lost my edge, but don't care.  Let the pimply-faced kids they hire at  a fraction of what I was being paid, scratch and claw their own way up.

I don't have any lofty goals, other than something to keep me busy, and make enough  money to break even.  I don't WANT a thriving enterprise with dozens of downlines feeding me with residual income, because to get to that  point, it takes far more effort and cunning than I am willing to expend.

So, more on the "tools suite"

  • Site Monitor - nice to have, but I have a Windows Widget that does this for me right on my desktop.  Cost:  FREE
  • Rotator - I have probably 30-40 rotators in the various traffic exchanges and  safelists that do this for either a nominal monthly cost, or for free.   I developed my OWN rotator code, and have been using it for about a year.  Cost:  $0 but some investment of time
  • Pop-UPs - I DESPISE pop-ups.
  • Trackers - Again, so many available for free or a nominal fee.

So, again, what is worth  $47 with these tools that "everyone with an online business" needs?

Having to own the products you are reselling

I get it.  You are invested in your business, and should be using what you sell.  I guess you have surmised that what we have here is already a duplication of tools I have been using for years.  They work.  Why fool with that?

I admit that 95% of those folks that call themselves network marketers do NOT have these tools.


  • Incredibly expensive traffic - $1.07 per click.  
  • With Udimi and TopSurfer, I pay about $0.40 per click.  This must be golden at 2 1/2 times the cost of what I am already using.

Enough of my rant for today.

(maybe I should drink my coffee before blogging... I'm grumpy)

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Comment by Richard Moyer on October 25, 2015 at 12:26pm

I shouldn't blog when I'm grumpy.   I have had a change of heart about the organization, and products they are offering.

I'm generally not a "webinar" rah rah type of guy.  But, I have to say that the leadership of Traffic Authority is pretty impressive, and engaged.  I use what I sell, so I am getting more familiar with the products, and liking what I see.   When you dealing in premium products, it is a different approach and mindset - I guess I am coming around and not only willing, but engaged myself.

I also recognize that being an early adopter has been uncomfortable to me, but now as the products are coming around and the support has stepped up, I'm becoming to believe that this is a product and company that will be around for a long time.  I'm ALL IN.


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