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Thirteenth Technique: The King Called Content


 There is this one Middle Eastern proverb that says, “Without a King, the Kingdom will perish.” For today’s discussion, we will talk about who is the King in your website. The proverb a while ago seemingly fits the realities of websites today - without a King, your website will indeed perish. This means that if your website doesn’t have a signature or a significant identity, you will end up in junk. What we mean is that most websites nowadays have lots and lots of links, posses good web design, has tremendous activity going on, but lack a very essential factor – good quality content. If we are to associate a website as a kingdom for example, the rightful king should be your site content.


Apparently, site links – no matter how many – are not enough. There may be a lot of factors to be considered in generating tremendous site traffic: web design, activities, applications, media, forum, friend profiles, but content defines them all. Yes, we can still get that needed traffic into our site but that will not happen in the long run. Chances are if you copied most or a majority of your site content from other sites, then visitors will find you boring, meaningless and dry in the long run. That is not a long-term solution to a short-term problem. Why would they bother checking on your site when it sucks? So we don’t want to get that kind of impression. We want to sound great, informative and professional. And we wanted to stand out above the rest, and that will mean that we create a high quality content for our site. Here are some tips in making great quality content for your own web site too.


So here are some random tips for great quality content:


  1. Don’t focus too much on links. Links are just the icing to the cake. Links will be accounted to nothing if your site content is bad. A link is just a link, contrary to site content which is considered to be everything.
  2. Make your own Brand or Signature. We do not want to be branded as copycats. We want to stand out in the marketplace. So if you are aiming for tremendous traffic explosion in your site, consider having your own signature and brand.
  3. Do not try to copy content from other websites. Copyright issues are a headache; copying contents from other sites can degrade the integrity of your site. In the long run, you will end up in junk.
  4. Take time to check on your CQ – Content Quotient. So basically most reasons of content problems stem from the inability to check the quality of the content. So it is a good pay off that we check the quality of our contents on a regular basis. Think of this as the Quality Control Process in your site.

     5. Have the visitor’s point of view in mind. Yes it is very important that your content be somewhat related to what

         the visitors exactly need and want. Besides, you will never sell and profit without your customers.


Kjell Haraldssønn Skåden




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