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Dear Friend

If you're like 99 % of all Internet marketers ("gurus" included), you've completely overlooked one of the quickest and easiest ways to instantly increase your website's sales conversion rate.

If you run an HONEST, ethical Internet business here's the "one-inch secret weapon" that's missing from your website's pages...
(Drum roll please...)

A consumer-friendly, TRUST-PROMOTING "Web-Seal."

This little secret is HUGE!
Listen up and listen good: If your web-business qualifies, you should definitely be displaying a trust-promoting "Web-Seal" on key pages throughout your website.

The fact that more e-business owners don't do this astounds me.

And this is NOT up for debate — Test results have proven time and time again that displaying one of these recognized "Web-Seals" can increase a website's sales conversion rate immediately and dramatically.

I've been using this little sales-boosting secret for years.

It gives your website that extra "OOPMH"
of trust that persuades your prospects to buy.
You've worked so hard to increase your profits and one of the simplest, proven sales-boosters has been right under your nose for years.

Just a "tiny" sales increase of 5% adds up BIG-TIME. Imagine 15% or more!

Consumers want to trust you... show them WHY they can and they'll buy from you more often.

Enter HONESTe Online...

Thank You

...Arnljot Blindheim

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