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The Ferrous sulphate application in water pollution treatment

As Rech Chemical knows, influenced by the national policy, environmental protection equipment industry remain more than 20% growth this year; and the governmental and social financial support will also have improved greatly.

As the water pollution, denitration equipment, garbage disposal equipment, sludge disposal equipment, these industries have made great progress. Because of PM2.5 solution treatment and other environmental constraints, the field of environmental monitoring instruments to control air pollution also grows rapidly.

In environmental protection industry, "ferrous sulfate” has been the important agent in water pollution treatment. Ferrous sulphate in pollution water have flocculation effect, the specific chemical reaction as bellow:
6FeSO4 + KCLO3 + 3H2o= 2Fe2 (SO4) 3 + KCl+ 2Fe (OH) 3
Fe (OH) 3 generated in this reaction is a colloidal substance, which can absorb impurities and suspended solids in water. It has purification effect to water.

Rech Chemical steadily supply high quality ferrous sulphate and other product, services, packaging and logistics, etc.

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