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Twelfth Technique: The Craigslist


Today we will learn how to use Craigslist as a conduit for generating traffic into our own website. Craigslist is a hugely popular website today. It is even ranked together with eBay in terms of popularity. So if you are looking for rich and abundant seas to fish, Craigslist is a big ocean of opportunities.


Basically Craigslist is a centralized network of online communities, with free online advertisements filled with sections focused on jobs, sales, services, forums and other personal areas of interest. Craigslist serves over twenty billion page views per months putting the site in the top 30 of the most visited sites in the U.S. It also boasts a record of over eighty million new classifies ads per month and receives over one million job listings each month, making it the top job searching sites in the globe. There it is folks, so much about Craigslist and its amazing feats and time to dig into using this great site as a conduit to promote our site as well.


Because Craigslist accepts almost all ads in their site, we might as well start posting an ad about our product there. Although maintained by only a few personnel, Craigslist is quite strict and tight when in comes to posting. Due to some spam issues in the recent years, they are strongly monitoring all posts and ads for approval. Most likely the good ads with good content are immediately accepted and posted. So in posting an ad in Craigslist, consider writing it well and good for approval.


Again, not well written ads can be banned in the site. The web site is highly considered a rough place with lots and lots of traffic. So it is possible that the site still contains those unwanted spam. But I guess it is a part of the risk you are to take. On most cases, you will not regret the move to post an ad there because of the great return of site traffic you will have soon after you’ve made the post. So you’ll be surprised at the site traffic afterwards. It also has a strong backlink, perfect for those search engines to find you and like we said, it is all worth it.


So let us do a recap on what we have just discussed and also review the steps in using Craigslist - a great tool – to generate explosive traffic into our own web site.


  1. So basically we just type in


     2. Sign up for a new account.


     3. Then once in, post your ready made advertisement and you are good to go.


     4. Then sit back and wait while the millions of daily viewers read your advertisement. By then, you have already  

    accomplished your goal.


Kjell Haraldssønn Skåden

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