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Smart Ways Using Social Networking & Grow Your Business

Men may ask you why to join to your Social Networking Website -
there are smart ways why and how to do it:

1. Join a Social Network Group.
2. Set your parameters ( regarding your own business goals ) using your marketing tools.
3. Set your own website 'My Page' to the most wished arguments, colorize it by properties
to reach your best result !
4. Set your privacy and email accepting status to one which brings your the less 'spam' and
give you the most information you are interested in.
5. Invite your Friends, leads or anybody who you think are willing to join you.
6. Be polite, greet your joined members, give them answers and lead them offering them your
market deals with the best way.

These 6 ponts are making me 3 times more traffic in the first 1/3 of a month than before a full
month ...
It works, and you may suggest it to your members, as well.

I am here to help you get started.

Eva Szentmiklossy
CEC (Certified Ebusiness Consultant ) and Dealer of Worldprofit
starting in 2005.
My website:
Join me here:
I call you to join my Social Network Groups:
you will be glad you did ! You are Welcome there !

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