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Traveling back from Chalong Circle in Phuket a few minutes ago I meditated on the idea of successfully moving through the traffic circle so many times.

If I enter too early or too late I will cause an accident. So far so good, on my end.

I have avoided a bang up but have viewed many near misses.

The chief culprit in these situations? Impatience.

People in a rush. Moving a mile a minute. 

The patient driver does just fine here. 

Of course, my Thai and expat brothers and sisters STILL have no clue how to navigate a circle, but hey, I'm from Jersey, so I got a leg up on them ;) Another blog post idea.

Maybe I navigate the circle well since I am an experienced online business entrepreneur. 

Impatience and Misery

The tough to reach mentor. The definite sign up who never signs up.

Internet connectivity issues. Issues with your home based opportunity.

The list goes on and on. 

If you are a veteran you likely flipped out the first few times a "definite sign up", never signed up. 

You spazzed out on your busy as hell mentor if they didn't respond within hours, or even within a day.

You likely lacked patience and were punished for your impatience.

The most valuable online business lesson: the tough to reach mentor, the person who backs out, the program admin who never gets back to you...all teach you patience.

Patience, grasshopper, patience is what you need to cultivate, and these situations teach you to develop patience more quickly than you could dream of.


People who have little experience dealing with many people are unaccustomed to interacting with different personalities.

You see things through your perspective....and are likely blind to different perspectives.

With experience and wisdom you learn to patiently view a situation from multiple sides.

Either you complain and suffer over the inevitable "human-ness" of the people you deal with or you develop patience.

Maybe 5 Times, Maybe 50

Seriously, it took me a while to develop patience in my cash gifting dealings. I unfairly and impatiently blamed others for situations I attracted.

The only thing you control is how you think and feel about a situation. Still learning this lesson, but doing a much better job these days.

Maybe it takes 5 people to back out of your cash gifting opportunity, or to delay their joining by weeks, or months, for you to learn the patience lesson.

Maybe it takes 50 people, if you are stubborn.

Maybe you never learn.

Online Business Wisdom

Wisdom is cashing in on experience.

I advise new team members who are learning how to interact with others that patience is the most prospering quality that you can develop.

Rather than complaining about an individual's response time, rejoice. Cash in. Learn how to deal with people who are on a different time table than yours.

Be patient.

Your Turn

How do you develop patience?

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