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Oh boy! If you missed today's Worldprofit Live Bootcamp Training with George Kosch you missed a doozie! Here's what you missed in today's LIVE Bootcamp Training During the Beginner Bootcamp Session…

Oh boy! If you missed today's Worldprofit Live Bootcamp Training with George Kosch you missed a doozie!

Here's what you missed in today's LIVE Bootcamp Training

During the Beginner Bootcamp Session, George provided an overview of the Bootcamp Training and the basics tasks newbies need to do to get their home business started.

George Kosch answered questions for newcomers, and provided direction for those who are struggling to get started. During the Advanced Bootcamp Session, George demonstrated the tools and resources in the Member area that are critical to generating leads, increasing traffic, and building lists.

Using the DeskTop Sharing, Members were able to follow along as George provided instruction. George made it clear that Worldprofit is NOT selling Motivational Tapes or Courses, we are Training what we ourselves DO DAILY to build leads, and sales. Worldprofit is hands-on, practical, and we only teach you what we KNOW works.

George Kosch revealed plans for:

- Upgrades to the Autoresponder system. This popular and powerful little tool is long due for an overhaul and we are working on that now.
Among a number of upgrades, one new feature will be the inclusion of autosequences
The Autoresponder is included in the Platinum Membership

- Also revealed were plans for a New Business in a Box add on which will provide Members with several automated Turn Key Businesses

Worldprofit is always working hard to find businesses, tools, and proven strategies for putting more money in your pocket. True to this end, the Business in a Box (still to be named) is geared at doing just that - giving YOU MORE streams of income.

Working from home means having as many viable, legitimate sources of income as possible. Watch for our formal announcement on this new benefit in coming weeks.

George Kosch also thanked Dr. Jeffrey Lant for his incredible work ethic, working for the last 16 years as Worldprofit CEO sometimes as long as 18 hour days to help our Members build their online business.

In concluding today's Bootcamp Training session, George thanked Members for being patient, for working hard, promoting consistently and understanding that building an online business takes time. We all want results FAST but you have to put in the consistent effort and time to see success in ANYTHING! Worldprofit trains people how to earn from home for a life time, not as an overnight get rich program. Any legitimate business takes time to build, Worldprofit teaches Members the skills and essential resources necessary to earn extra income from home.

What participants had to say following George Kosch's Advanced Bootcamp Training today.

Arvell: NO Cheating.... you have to work for it
Rahimah: thx George
John: fantastic.....have a great wknd
Dave CEC: ok thanks George
Arvell: CEC: great George... thanks
Shane: Thanks George!!!!
Kaz: Thank you George
Shane: this weekly training alone is worth the monthly membership fee!

Now, if you missed today's live training or had any trouble with the audio or desktop don't despair!
The session was recorded and will be posted to your Member area later today.

Every Friday Worldprofit offers online LIVE Home Business Bootcamp Training featuring Internet Marketer and Worldprofit Technical Director George Kosch.

If you are not a Member, find out how Worldprofit can help you build a profitable online business, get a free Associate member account at

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