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Poverty Mindset: Why Successful Black Athletes Retain It.

Poverty Mindset: Why Successful Black Athletes Retain It.


“No Man is FREE who is not master of himself”…Epictetus


The above quote is straight forward and is part of developing and maintaining a Millionaire, Champion

or Success Mindset.  The meaning and benefits are clear because those who want to achieve it in the toughest sport in the World known as Business need to start with cleaning Their own house and more, importantly the way they THINK.


Professional sports are a billion-dollar industry that involves a bunch of millionaire Black, Latino and

White guys, who are basically entertainers.  Now, the level of education for many of these Independent

Contractors remains rather poor because their focus during college wasn't academic but, on the sport they played and the graduation rates for male athletes who play high profile sports like football and Basketball remains in single digits.  Needless to say, majority of Black American male athletes viewed education as low priority and confirmed by the many professional Athletes who have gone Bankrupt later in their careers (Sean Kemp, Mike Tyson, Evader Holy field, Marshal Faulk and many others).  Now, one should not be surprised because Schools and unfortunately, family members see these MEN as Cash Cows and not students.


Now, recently Sean McCoy of the Buffalo Bills had posted on Instagram he was holding a Ladies-

only Party, which is his right as a bachelor; however, the Instagram photo included the logo of the

Buffalo Bills.  Clearly, Mr. McCoy's judgment and potential for being falsely accused of Domestic

Violence even RAPE increases exponentially. It's clear Mr. McCoy and other Black American athletes FAIL to recognize that high RISK conduct can easily jeopardize their careers and personal freedom; yet, they continue to acts RECKLESS.  So, why is it that these men do it?


Unfortunately, people with a Poverty Mindset don't pass-down Generational Wealth but, Generational Povertybecause the STRUGGLE has become a source of PRIDE.  Additionally, when you only see money as a resource for SPEDNING and not SAVING then, Poverty Mentality is evident.  The funny thing about PRIDE is one can have too much and refuse to relinquish it even when it's costing you everything. 


So, a Millionaire, Champion of Success Mindset is essential to your future success in business because it starts 6-inches between your ears.  Want success then, Thinking and Living it is mandatory; otherwise, you will be like 95% on home business owners who arrive safely in what I call the MLM Cemetery where failed marketers come to rest for eternity.... lovely place.  Well, not really because as Robert DeNiro once said, “The saddest thing in life is wasted Talent”.  Now, many say the same thing about men to tie the Old NOOSE, I mean Knot, because he has in most cases given up on his dreams in pursuit of so-called Societal Normality....wife, house with picket fence and 1.8 CHILDREN...what more could any man ask for in life.                                                                                                          


Now, the pleasantry is over let's look at the benefit of being and/or becoming a Business Entrepreneur

and not an Economic Mercenary.  Being an entrepreneur by definition is an Individual who goes his own way and unwilling to be subservient too Corporate nor GOVT Masters.  Yes, this is what we call MGTOWS and for good reason because FREEDOM is priceless and hard to achieve when your Economic Survival is controlled by another Individual and/or business entity.  One of the most effective ways to gain Economic Control of your Freedom is to know your Magic Number.


Now, “You, are your business and you represent what your business is all about” ; therefore, Success or Failure is all based on you and nobody else. Makes sense; therefore, investing in yourself to become a better businessman is critical to your survival.  So, are you ready to increase your VALUE and Skills as a Home Business owner/entrepreneur and generate Consistent, Predictable and Long-Term Residual  income for Yourself and not your former partner? 


Your thoughts create your Self-Image so be careful of the way you THINK.

If yes, then, I invite you to examine our information and eliminate any Self Limiting Beliefs that are costing you Money and accelerating YOUR arrival in the MLM Cemetery.



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